YAKOVENKO Vladimir Ivanovich

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YAKOVYONKO Vladimir Ivanovich (1857 — 1923) is a domestic psychiatrist, one of founders of social psychiatry and the organization of mental health services.

In 1881 ended VMA in St. Petersburg then worked as the territorial district doctor in the Kremenchuk and Mirgorod Counties. From 1884 to 1889 the intern of Bura-shevsky psychiatric colony (nowadays Kalinin regional insane hospital No. 1 of M. P. Litvinov), then would work in Golenchinskaya (nowadays Ryazan regional insane hospital No. 1), the St. Petersburg insane hospital of Saint Panteleymon (nowadays Municipal insane hospital No. 3 of I. I. Skvortsov-Stepanov), managed the Smolensk insane hospital. Since 1894 directed construction of a territorial insane hospital in the village Pokrovskoye-Meshchersky the Podolsk County (nowadays Moscow regional insane hospital No. 2 of V. I. Yakovenko) and till 1906 headed it.

V. I. Yakovenko in 1905 took active part in revolutionary movement, carried on political propaganda among the intellectuals and peasants for what it was dismissed from service (1906) and is sent on the farm of Butovo of Gore to the Poltava province where lived and worked till 1923. Here he continued to develop questions of the theory of the organization of mental health services and social psychiatry, was engaged in public work. Taking active part in elimination of epidemic of a sapropyra in Poltavshchyna (1922 — 1923),

V. I. Yakovenko caught and umed).

V. I. Yakovenko is the author of St. 60 scientific works on various questions of the organization of mental health services, social and clinical psychiatry. He made the project of the structure of network of district psychiatric BCs. On its initiative the Russia's first census mentally sick in the territory of the Moscow province (1893), and then in some other provinces is conducted thanks to what for the first time in domestic psychiatry data on prevalence of mental diseases among various groups of the population were obtained. V. I. Yakovenko supported as one of the first decentralization of mental health services, i.e. its maximum approach to the population, and its general availability. He attached great value to systematic overseeing by mentally sick district territorial doctors. In its monograph «Insane of the Moscow Province» the statistics of mental diseases is given and materials of studying of social problems are presented. The original positions and the ideas stated in this work formed the basis of the modern organization of stationary and extra hospital mental health services.

V. I. Yakovenko was the active organizer and the participant of a number of congresses of doctors — the I congress of the Russian psychiatrists in 1887, VI and VI11 of congresses of Society of the Russian doctors in

N. I. Pirogov's memory (see Pirogovsky congresses), the XIII congress of doctors of the Moscow province. V. I. Yakovenko participated in preparation of the charter All-Russian about-va psychiatrists and was his active member; was one of editors of «The magazine of neuropathology and psychiatry and

M. S. S. Korsakov».

Works: Induced madness

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