YAKIMOV Vasily Larionovich

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YAKYMOV Vasily Larionovich (1870 — 1940) is the Soviet parasitologist.

Ended in 1897. Kazan veterinary in-t, worked as the territorial veterinarian, the assistant in Kazan veterinary in-those. In 1902 — 1909 the deputy the manager. epidemiological department Ying-that experimental medicine. Repeatedly went abroad where it was improved in the field of parasitology and chemotherapy. In 1911 —»

for 1912 was the assistant at the Item Erli-

ha in Ying-those experimental therapy in Frankfurt am Main. In

1913 L. Yakimov headed an expedition to Central Asia on studying of tropical diseases of people and animals — leu-shmaniozov, malaria, spirokhetoz, a trypanosomiasis, etc. From 1914 to 1918 directed protozoologiche-sky department of veterinary laboratory in Petrograd. Since 1919 was one of organizers and the first director (till 1921). Veterinary and zootechnical in-that (nowadays Leningrad veterinary in-t). Later (in 1921) in it in-those the department of parasitology was created, to-ruyu it headed until the end of life.

V. L. Yakimov is the founder of the Soviet veterinary protozoolo-gichesky school. By it it is published St. 500 scientific works on various questions of a medical and veterinary protozoology, chemotherapy of protozoan diseases, an arakhnoentomologiya (the section of entomology studying ticks and insects), a toxoplasmosis. V. L. Yakimov and his pupils open and studied a large number of causative agents of protozoan diseases of the person and animals. One of the first he paid attention on morfol. distinctions of activators of a skin leushmaniosis in Central Asia also allocated two new subspecies. As a result of the researches conducted under its management (1913) wide spread occurance of a visceral leushmaniosis in Turkestan were established (see Leyshmanioza).

Works: Leyshmanioza, Pg., 1915; Pathogenic elementary (Protozoa), L., 1924; Veterinary chemotherapy, M. — L., 1930;

The Diseases of domestic animals caused by elementary (Protozoa), M. — L., 1931.

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