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YaHYMOV (Jachymov) — balneo

the logical and climatic resort in ChSSR. It is located in Krushny mountains at the height of 650 m above sea-level. The climate is moderately wet. The winter rather warm (average temperature of January — 2,6 °), snow cover keeps within 6 months in a year. Summer not hot (Wednesdays -

the Resort of Yakhimov.

ny temperature of July 16,6 °), rainfall about 720 mm a year.

Yakhimov — the resort of the international value which won world fame thanks to radioactive sources with high concentration of radon. The first source of mineral water in Yakhimov was open in 1864. History of the resort is closely connected with discovery of radioactivity and development of radiology. From waste of the uranium ore extracted from the developed silver mines of Yakhimov and delivered to Paris, M. Sklodovskaya-Curie and P. Curie in 1898 allocated a new chemical element radium (see). In Yakhimov for the first time in the world the main methods of treatment were developed and implemented by radon waters in practice (see).

On the basis of the resort the in-t, dealing with problems of radiation therapy functions research.

Leading to lay down. a factor of the resort are thermal (t ° apprx. 28 °) radonic (concentration of radon to 271 nkyuri/l) low-mineralized gidrokarbonatno - sodium kal-tsiyevye waters with contents silicon to - you and rare elements (caesium, zinc, tantalum, beryllium, etc.).

The resort therapy in Yakhimov has long traditions; in a complex with a balneoterapiya (bathtubs, souls, irrigations, underwater du-shem-massage, bathings in pools with mineral water) carry out inhalations in radio emanatoriums, and also physical therapy, reflexotherapy, to lay down. gymnastics, gidrokinezo-therapy, etc.

Indications — the polyarthritis ankylosing a spondylarthritis (Bekhterev's disease — Shtryumpellya — Mari), a pseudorheumatism in a subacute or chronic stage, a coxarthrosis, a spondylosis, severe forms of a plexitis, a polyneuritis, radiculitis, a Raynaud's disease, the radicular syndromes caused by diseases of a backbone, obliterating defeats of vessels of extremities, diseases of a metabolism.

V. V. Poltoranov.