YAGUNOV Sergey Alekseevich

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YAGUNOV Sergey Alekseevich (1893 — 1959) is the Soviet specialist in physiotherapy exercises, the member correspondent of AMH (1948). Colonel of health service. Member of the CPSU.

In 1919 ended VMA and till 1922 was in ranks of Red Army. In 1922 — 1923 worked as the vra-chom-obstetrician in local hospital near Petrograd. From 1923 to

1926 managed anthropophysiologists-chesky laboratory on studying of physiology of children's age of Institute of physical culture (nowadays State institute of physical culture of P.F. Lesgaft). From 1926 to

1950 headed department of physical therapy and medical physical culture in scientific research institute of obstetrics and gynecology (nowadays Ying t of obstetrics and gynecology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences). At the same time in 1939 — 1941 the deputy director of it in-that by a scientific part, and from 1943 to 1950 his director was. Dokt. defended the dissertation in 1939; professor (1940). In days of the Great Patriotic War in besieged Leningrad there was the chief of a row evakogospitaly, a deputy chief of the front evacuation center by a medical part. From 1951 to the last days lives directed department of medical physical culture and medical control State in-that physical culture of P.F. Lesgaft, working part-time in Ying-those obstetrics and gynecology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

S. A. Yagunov is an author apprx. 120 scientific works devoted to studying of features of physical development and reactivity of an organism of the woman, use for its strengthening of physical culture, development of methods of medical control of impact on an organism of various complexes of physical exercises. It developed system of physical occupations for women in different durations of gestation and after the delivery. The indicators of the admission of women offered by S. A. Yagunov to flights by airplanes and to parachute jumps found practical application in an air medicine.

It is awarded by awards of Patriotic war of I and II degrees, an award of the Red Star and medals.

Works: Experience of studying of physiology of the sexual sphere of women-pilots, planeristka and parachutists, yew., JI., 1938; Physical culture during pregnancy and in a puerperal period, L., 1959; Medical physical culture in gynecology, Mnogotomn. the management on akush. and ginek., under the editorship of L. S. Per-sianinov, t. 4, book 1, page 295, M., 1963 (sovm. from Startseva L. N.).

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