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YADASSONA TEST (J. Jadassohn, is mute. dermatologist, 1863 — 1936; a synonym an iodic phenomenon) — the diagnostic method of a disease of Dyuringa based on hypersensitivity of patients to drugs of iodine. It is offered by Y. Yadasson in 1895.

Yadasson's test consists in use of potassium of iodide at the same time outwardly (in the form of ointment) and inside (in the form of solution). However such use of drugs of iodine at a disease of Dyuringa (see Dyuringa a disease) can cause a sharp aggravation of process therefore in a crust, time test is put step by step. In the beginning carry out skin test for what on not changed skin of a forearm (the site of 1 cm2 in size) impose for 24 hours a compress with the ointment containing 50% of potassium of iodide. Test is considered positive if on site imposings of ointment appear an erythema, vesicles and other inflammatory changes. If test negative, then in 48 hours it is repeated, ointment is imposed in this case on the giperpig-mentirovanny site of skin on site of the former rashes; in the absence of a positive take appoint internal test:

2 — 3 tablespoons of 3 — 5% (sometimes 10%) solution of potassium of iodide (to children — 1 — 3 tea or dessertspoons of 3% of solution a day). Test is considered positive at emergence of signs of an exacerbation of a disease. At heavy disease, Dyuringa in order to avoid a considerable aggravation of process apply only skin test.

Yadasson's test is not absolute diagnostic test therefore it can be used for diagnosis of a disease of Dyuringa only in a complex with other methods of a research.

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