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XYLITOL — pentatomic alcohol, crystal substance of white color, sweet taste, well water soluble. To. on sweet it is equal to sucrose, it is quickly acquired, at healthy people does not exert permanent impact on the level of sugar in blood, and at patients diabetes mellitus at its introduction the hypoglycemic and anti-ketogenic effect is observed. This property K. allowed to use it in food for persons, consumption of sugar the Crimea is forbidden or limited (the suffering diabetes, obesity, excess weight). To. possesses cholagogue and aperient action. It can be used directly instead of sugar, and also at production of various confectionery (candies, caramel, cakes etc.). Caloric content To. 4 kcal/g.

Toxic and other negative effect To. on an organism it is not revealed.

Raw materials for production To. corn cabbage stumps can serve. It can be developed at the operating sugar plants without change tekhnol, process.

Daily dose of xylitol of 40 — 50 g.

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V. A. Kudasheva.