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XEROPHTHALMIA (xerophthalmia; synonym grech, xeros dry + ophthalmos of eyes; oftalmokseroz) — drying of a conjunctiva and cornea. The reasons To. can be hypo - and avitaminosis And, a cicatricial stage of trachoma, burns of eyes, a lagophthalmia, diphtheria of a conjunctiva, a pempigus. To. develops owing to death of mucous glands of a conjunctiva and sharp disbolism in a cornea. It leads to proliferation and keratinization of an epithelium of a conjunctiva and cornea, rejection of its cells, development of connecting fabric. At To. patients are disturbed by feeling of a foreign body in an eye, dryness, burning, a photophobia and deterioration in sight. The conjunctiva becomes dry, rough, dim, on it deadwhite spots of a grease look appear (Iskersky's plaques — Bito), a cornea tarnishes, grows turbid, burgeons vessels, visual acuity gradually decreases. Process is more often bilateral and develops slowly. For To. owing to avitaminosis And emergence is characteristic hemeralopias (see). At treatment To., - and avitaminosis And, the diet rich with vitamin A, drugs of vitamin A is appointed caused hypo. At other types To. for moistening of an eye recommend administration of solutions and ointments, at a lagophthalmia partial sewing together a century (see. Blepharorrhaphy ), at severe forms To. — change of a stenonov of a channel of a parotid sialaden in a conjunctival cavity.

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G. L. Starkov.