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XAPBAT Yosef (Charvat Josef,

1897 — 1985) is the Czechoslovak therapist, the founder of endocrinology in Czechoslovakia, the academician. Czechoslovak academy of Sciences. Hero of Socialist work ChSSR (1967).

Ended Prague un-t in 1923, then worked in Y. Pel-narzha's clinic. Since 1928 the associate professor, since 1933 professor of department of pathology and therapy of internal diseases Karlova un-that. In the years of fascist occupation of Czechoslovakia was a participant of the anti-fascist movement, was in prison in Dachau and Buchenwald. In 1945 — 1970 the manager of therapeutic clinic, in 1957 — 1982 the director of laboratory of endocrinology and metabolism of Aie of f-that Karlova un-that.

The main scientific research of Y. Harvat is devoted to problems of the general therapy, endocrinology and vitaminology. He is the author of fundamental works on questions of incretion, clinic and a pathogeny of avitaminosis, disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism, physiology and a wedge, values of steroid hormones and a growth hormone, activity of parathyroids, a neurohypophysis. Y. Harvat possesses also researches on problems of a stress (see) and adaptations (see).

Y. Harvat is the member of Scientific council of the Ministry of Health of ChSSR, and also row foreign scientific medical about-in, the member of editorial council of the Soviet magazines «Problems of Endocrinology» and «Clinical Medicine».

It is awarded many government awards of ChSSR; winner of an award of Clement Gotvald (1968), award Ya. Purkinye (1972).

Works: Choroby zlaz s vnitrni sekreci, Praha, 1935; Steroidni hormony, Praha, 1952; Pri-stitna teliska, Praha, 1954; Repetitorium paktickeho lekare, Praha, 1955; Antidmre-ticky hormon a neurohypofysa, Praha, 1956; A review of the nature and uses of examinations in medical education, Geneva, 1968 (sovm. with other, Russian lane, M., 1971); 2ivot adaptace a stress, Praha, 1973.

Bibliography: Academician Iosif Harvat, Probl. endocrinins., t. 13, No. 4,

page 123, 1967; Vondracek V. j. Academico Josepho Charvat ad annum sexagesimum, Praha, 1958.

A. G. Mazowiecki, T. L. Kurayeva.