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X-RAY TECHNICIAN — the employee of healthcare institution having secondary vocational technical education or who had special training and carrying out installation, adjustment and repair of the medical x-ray equipment, and also control of its operation.

Since the end of the 20th of 20 century in Leningrad on the basis of first-ever State radiological, radiological and cancer in-that (nowadays Central nauchnoissledovatelsky X-ray radiological in-t) at the initiative of M. I. Nemyonov was organized R. V preparation 1933 — 1934 training of these specialists in-that was begun at department of a radiology Leningrad improvements of doctors. In 1931 in Kharkiv and in 1950 in Leningrad technical schools for training of specialists on installation, repair and operation of the x-ray and electromedical equipment are created. In 1981 on installation and repair of the x-ray and electromedical equipment the Leningrad, Moscow, Tashkent and Kharkiv electrotechnical technical schools began to train technicians.

In Medtekhnika repair shops on installation, repair of the equipment or directly in to lay down. - the prof. institutions according to the agreements signed by Med-tekhnika repair shops with to lay down. - the prof. institutions, technicians and electricians of repair shops carry out the maintenance of the medical equipment including planned routine maintenances and repair of the x-ray equipment, control of its correct operation (see. X-ray apparatus ). They perform a complex of works on installation, setup, an adjustment, check of the x-ray equipment, to elimination of defects and failure in mechanical nodes and electric circuits.

Since 1977 instead of R.'s position two positions — electromecanics on repair and service of the medical x-ray equipment and the technician on installation, repair of the x-ray and elektromedntsinsky equipment are entered.

Operation of the x-ray equipment directly in to lay down. - prof. institutions daily carry out X-ray laboratory assistants (see).

L. N. Gorelova, E. G. Chikirdin.