WITH FIRMNESS Nikolay Georgiyevich

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WITH FIRMNESS Nikolay Georgiyevich (1881 — 1951) — the Soviet surgeon, one of founders of ftizio-surgery in the USSR, professor (1939), the winner of the State award USSR (1950).

WITH FIRMNESS Nikolay Georgiyevich

Ended medical f-t Novorossiysk un-that in 1910. Worked as the surgeon in Yalta. In 1924 organized and headed surgical department Yalta in-that tuberculosis.

Since 1933 until the end of life the manager. surgical department Central in-that tuberculosis (Moscow) and at the same time (1939 — 1951) professor of department of tuberculosis of the CCP. In 1938 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Torakoskopiya and a Thoracocautery at a Pulmonary Tuberculosis».

N. G. Stoyko was the convinced supporter and the propagandist of surgical treatment of tuberculosis. It developed many pulmonary tuberculosis operations, to-rye were widely adopted in practice of the Soviet surgeons-phthisiatricians. In 1917 it for the first time made a thoracoplasty at a pulmonary tuberculosis. N. G. Stoyko offered perednezadny option of an extrapleural thoracoplasty, a stage selection thoracoplasty, an extrapleural pneumolysia with drenazhy, a cavernotomy with a tamponade oily-balsamic tampons of the opened cavity, etc.

For scientific and practical achievements in treatment of TB patients and for training of hirur-gov-phthisiatricians of N. G. Stoyko it is conferred the State award USSR.

N. G. Stoyko created school of sciences of surgeons-phthisiatricians, his pupils are T. N. Khrushcheva, S. I. Lapin, L. K. Bogush, etc. N. G. Stoyko's monograph «Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis» (1949) became the guide for specialists in the field of surgery of lungs.

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L. K. Bogush.