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WIND ROSE — the schedule of the directions of wind in the specific territory.

the Wind rose with dominance of northern, northeast and southwest winds.

The direction of winds on graphics is designated the line with the indication of the country of light from where air masses on this territory arrive. Rubles of century usually build according to long-term data for a year, half-year, a season, month on 8 (or 16) to rhumbs on the basis of daily meteorol. observations. Considering number of emergence of winds for every day on each rhumb (and also days of a calm), calculate their percent from total number of measurements during observation and make the schedule (fig). For this purpose from the center for the direction of rhumbs postpone pieces of lines in conditional scale, the ends to-rykh connect the broken line. Century represent a calm on R. in the form of the circle located in the center of the schedule. The direction of wind decides on the help of a weather vane, wind cone and Saleyron's wheels are more rare.

The river of century and a calm surely consider at a gigabyte. justification of a possibility of placement in certain climatic zones of the enterprises with a different class of harm, at establishment of the sizes sanitary protection zones (see) from polluters of the atmosphere, at functional zoning of inhabited and industrial districts of the cities and settlements (see. the Design of the inhabited places ). Repeatability of the directions of wind is considered also at construction of treatment-and-prophylactic, spa and child care facilities, sports constructions, etc.

See also Climate .

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