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WHYTE Paul (White Paul Dudley. 1886 — 1973) — American tera-

U 11 evt r dio l og. inostra nn y y member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1961).

Ended in 1908. Harvard un-t. Doctor of medicine (1911). To owl r hi e N with t in about in and l with I in L it Don. Since 1914 the doctor of the Main hospital of the State of Massachusetts in Boston (since 1949 the consultant state and ita-la) and at the same time the teacher of medical school (since 1915), professor (1933), honorary professor (1949) Hectares of a ditch rds whom un-that.

Scientific works of II. Whyte are devoted to various problems of internal medicine. In the 30th together with F. Kauff-mann he offered based on serol. signs the principle of a systematics of salmonellas, to-ry was widely adopted. However questions of physiology and pathology of heart and vessels were the main direction of its works. Its researches (1924) played a significant role in development of modern schemes of treatment by a foxglove. Together with Mack-Ginn (S. McGinn) in 1935 it allocated a syndrome of an acute pulmonary heart (see). II. Whyte is considered one of founders of epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases. P. Whyte described an electrocardiographic syndrome of premature excitement of ventricles (see Wolf fa — Parkinson — Whyte a syndrome) and the inborn malformation of vessels, prp Krom the left coronary artery departs from a pulmonary artery (a so-called syndrome of Bland — At and a yta — and r l en yes). And zves tn y its works devoted to diagnosis and treatment of stenocardia, functional cardiovascular frustration, climacteric hypertensia, the acquired heart diseases, a Bouveret's disease and a syndrome of Morganyi — Adams — Stokes, to prevention of coronary heart disease and features of its current at young age, to questions of rehabilitation in cardiology. The classical managements of «Heart trouble» and «Keys to diagnosis and treatment of heart troubles» are written to them.

P. Whyte headed committee of cardiovascular diseases at National Research council of the USA (1940 — 1946) and the National advisory board concerning heart (1948 — 1956), was the chief consultant National in-that heart troubles (1948 — 1955), the president International about-va cardiologists (1954 — 1958) and the International cardiological fund (from 1957 to 1967). Works: Heart disease, N. Y., 1931, 1951;

Electrocardiography in practice, Philadelphia, 1952 (sovm. with other); Clues in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, Springfield, 1955 (Russian lane, M., I960);

My life and medicine, an autobiographical memoir, Boston, 1971.

Bibliography: Lukomsky

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