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WHETHER Douglas (Lea Douglas Edward, 1910 — 1947) — the English physicist-radio biologist.

In 1931 graduated from Triniti-college in Cambridge; till 1935 worked on problems of nuclear physics in Kevendish-laboratory under the leadership of E. Rutherford and J. Chadwick. In 1934 for opening of a phenomenon of issue of gamma radiation at merge of a neutron and proton to formation of a kernel of a deuterium of D. Li it was elected the member of Triniti-college. In 1946 gave a course of radiobiology in department of radiation therapy Cambridge un-that, in Krom in 1947 the doctor's degree was appropriated to it.

The main researches of D. Li conducted in Strendzhveys-laboratories (Cambridge) are devoted to clarification of primary mechanisms biol, actions of ionizing radiation, structures of living material, etc. It filled with new contents «the theory of a target» half-forgotten at that time, having enriched it with the new ideas and the numerous facts from the field of genetics, cytogenetics, virology and bacteriology.

In the last years of life D. Li paid much attention to establishment of quantitative patterns of a direct and indirect radiation effect, their mathematical interpretation and kinetics of radiation chemical reactions.

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