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WATSON-JONES Reginald (Wat-son-Jones Reginald. 1902 — 1972) — the English traumatologist-orthopedist, professor (1950).

In 1926 would receive qualification of the orthopedist in the Liverpool royal; was the non-staff assistant at R. Jones. Since 1927 the member Korolevskogo about-va surgeons. Since 1928 would work in city orthopedic and in sanatorium of Northern Wales where patients with tuberculosis oiorno-dvigatel-

a leg of the device were treated. In 1936 began to give in Liverpool royal-tse a course of lectures about treatment of fractures of bones and joints, to-ry formed the basis of the management of «Fractures and joint injuries» («Fractures of bones and the injury of joints») which sustained 15 editions published by it in 1940 and transferred to all European languages, including and Russian (1972). In 1939 — 1945 R. Watson-Jones was a consultant of orthopedic hospital of the Royal Air Force, in Krom created service of rehabilitation; in 1943 — 1959 was the member of council of Korolevsky of college of surgeons, in 1952 — 1954 — his vice-president.

R. Watson-Jones was a supporter fiziol. the directions in treatment of changes, attached great value at their union to a condition of blood circulation and surrounding fabrics, reaction of all organism to an injury. R. Watson-Jones developed a method of an osteosynthesis at fractures of a neck of a femur, offered the device for reposition of fragments at fractures of bones of a shin, a method of an artificial ankylosis of an ankle joint, ways of reposition of bones at changes of a basin, lumbar department of a backbone. He attached great value to recovery treatment of nocJFe of changes.

R. Watson-Jones was a president British about-va travmatolo-gov-orthopedists, hl. editor of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery magazine.

Works: Fractures and joints injuries, 1st prod., Edinburgh, 1940, 6 prod., 1982 (Russian lane, M., 1972).

Bibliography: Redzhinald Watson-Dshons, Ortop. and travmat., No. 8, page 88, 1973; Sir Reginald Watson-Jones (1902 — 1972), J. Bone Jt Surg., v. 54-B, p. 569, 1972.

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