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WATER DEPYROGENIZED — water, free of the pyrogenic substances. The pyrogenic call the substances of bacterial and animal origin causing undesirable reactions in the person — temperature increase, changes in a picture of blood, increase in permeability of capillaries, etc. (see. the Pyrogenic substances ). The distilled water intended for preparation of injection solutions and water for injections shall be depyrogenized.

Testing of water for pyrogenicity is carried out on three rabbits. The isotonic sterile and depyrogenized solution of sodium chloride which is warmed up to t ° 37 ° is entered intravenously in number of 10 ml/kg. Water is considered depyrogenized if neither at one of three rabbits nor at one of three dimensions of temperature its increase more than on 0,6 ° in comparison with initial is not observed; in the sum temperature increase at three rabbits shall not exceed 1,4 °.

G. Ya. Kivman.