WALTER William

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WALTER William (Walter William Grey, 1910 — 1977) is the English neurophysiologist.

In 1931 ended Cambridge un-t and worked in electrophysiologic laboratory of it un-that under the leadership of D. Adrian. In 1939 headed the research department of Berdenovsko-go neurologic in-that in Bristol (England). Since 1949 professor and the honourable doctor un-that in Marseille.

U. Walter — one of founders of a clinical electroencephalography (see Elektroentsefalografiya). It the first described slow fluctuations, or the so-called delta waves characteristic of focal patol. processes in a brain. It described focal and generalized changes of EEG at patients with epilepsy during the period between attacks, patterns of changes alpha and a theta rythm depending on external influences and an emotional state.

U. Walter developed a number of methods of a neurophysiological research of a brain: a research of the electric activity registered from the surface of an open brain and by means of implanted electrodes, an automatic frequency analysis of curves of electric activity of a brain, a method of space studying of electric processes in a brain — a toposkopiya (see. Topical diagnosis). U. Walter made the first attempts of creation of the elementary neyrokiberneti-chesky students of models (e.g., «Walter's turtle»).

U. Walter was an organizer International elektroentsefalo-graphic about-va (1942), the president to-rogo it was elected in 1947. It founded the international electrophysiologic magazine (1947). He was an honourable doctor of a number of high fur boots and the employee of the international organizations (WHO, UNESCO, etc.).

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