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VULVAL SYRINGINGS — washings vaginas with the hygienic or medical purpose.

Century of page were applied already in an extreme antiquity. Hippocrates, K. Galen, Ibn-Xing wrote about their use. From the middle of 18 century Recolin widely applied syringings in obstetric practice.

Century of page by temperature, chemical and mechanical factors influence a mucous membrane of a vagina and through her receptors on blood circulation and a trophicity of bodies of a small pelvis.

Warm and hot V.' effect of page is connected with reflex and segmented influence on regional blood circulation and a trophicity of fabrics. The procedure is resulted by strengthening of cellular metabolism.


Indications to V.'s use by the village are hron, inflammatory processes (a cervicitis, a colpitis, an adnexitis), the malignant tumors of a vagina and neck of uterus which are followed by putrefactive processes in connection with disintegration and also infertility owing to genital infantility.

The technique

In to lay down. institutions B. of page carry out on a gynecologic chair in position of the woman, as at two-handled vaginal examonation. It is possible to spend century of page in house conditions. The procedure should be carried out in position of the woman lying on spin with the legs and divorced hips bent in knee joints with a little raised basin under which the vessel since only in this situation there is a clarification of all departments of a vagina is put.

Kinds of tips for vulval syringings (at the left — the ends for connection of a rubber tube).

For V. pages use the glass, rubber or metal enameled Esmarch's irrigator (irrigator) with a capacity not less than 1 l, a rubber tube with a tip of a cylindrical form (fig). Height of an arrangement of a mug is defined by need of regulation of pressure of a water jet (usually 70 — 150 cm). For regulation of current of liquid use the clips (Moura, etc.) which are put on a rubber tube. Tips before the use boil, circles and rubber tubes wash out the disinfecting solution, and then boiled water in the beginning. Length of a rubber tube shall not exceed 2 m in order to avoid considerable reduction of a pressure and cooling of the liquid passing through it.

Before introduction of a tip to a vagina it is necessary to release from a mug a nek-swarm amount of liquid for removal from system of air and the cooled-down solution. The tip is entered into a vagina on depth of 5 — 7 cm. Liquid joins a vagina and follows from it in the vessel, on Krom the woman lies.

At hron, inflammatory process temperature of liquid in the first days of use shall not exceed 37 — 38 °; at the subsequent procedures temperature gradually increases to a limit which the patient is capable to transfer (usually 45 — 48 °). For prevention of painful feelings and burns it is necessary to grease before V. page area of an entrance of the vagina and a crotch vaseline or lanolin. At the beginning of V. of page the fluid jet shall be small in order to avoid a spasm of blood vessels of bodies of a small pelvis; duration of the procedure 10 — 15 min. More long washing of a vagina carries the name of a vulval shower or irrigation.

Depending on structure solutions for V. pages can be divided into the following groups: antiseptic, knitting, deodorizing, soothing, alkaline, indifferent. As desinfectants solutions of potassium permanganate are applied (1 table. l. 2% of solution for 1 l of water), boric to - you (1 — 2 chayn. l. on 1 l of water), lysol (1 — 2 chayn. l. on 1 l of water). For treatment of patients with senile colpitises V. can be recommended to page by solution milk to - you (1 chayn. l. on 1 l of water) since it lowers pH of vulval contents. Broad application is found by astringents: tannin (1 — 2 chayn. l. on 1 l of water), pyroligneous acid (1 table. l. on 1 l of water), a lead acetate (1 chayn. l. on 1 l of water). As the deodorizing means use solutions of potassium permanganate (1 table. l. 2% of solution for 1 l of water), hydrogen peroxide (2nd table. l. on 1 l of water). At treatment of the infertility caused by genital infantility V. by page isotonic solution of sodium chloride with the temperature of 38 — 42 °C the purpose to cause a plethora of pelvic bodies are applied.

Century of page are spent 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. After syringing by hot liquid the patient shall be not less than 30 min. in the warm room. For reduction of a thermolysis after V. the village can put a hot-water bottle or the circular warming compress on the bottom of a stomach. Women with diseases of cardiovascular system, disbolism should appoint hot syringings with care.

Due to the danger of poisoning it is not recommended to make V. of page strong solutions or strong substances (phenol, dichloride of mercury) since the mucous membrane of a vagina has the soaking-up ability.


Contraindications to V. of page are existence of bloody allocations from a uterus, pregnancy, a puerperal period in its first weeks, acute inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis, existence of contaminated wounds of a crotch, external genitals, vaginas.

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