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VOMITIVES (synonym: vomitiva, emetica) — the pharmaceuticals having selective emetic effect and applied for this purpose. Except R. pages, vomiting can cause also other medicinal substances, for to-rykh this effect is collateral.

On the mechanism of action distinguish VOMITIVES of the central and reflex effect. VOMITIVES of the first group, to the Crimea belongs Apomorphinum (see), cause vomiting owing to excitement of chemoceptors the trigger zone of the emetic center, located in a myelencephalon at the bottom of the fourth ventricle. Rubles of page of the second group render irritant action on the terminations of afferent fibers of a vagus nerve in a mucous membrane of a peloric part of a stomach and a duodenum. The impulses arising at the same time reach the emetic center and cause its excitement. Selectivity of emetic action is most expressed at those R. to page of this group, to-rye are not soaked up or badly soaked up from went. - kish. path. Treat group P. of page of a reflex effect emetine (see), contained in a root ipecacuanhas (see), saponins (see), being a part of a number of medicinal plants, napr, a seneca snake root, a milkwort, and also drugs of ammonia, salt of heavy metals, etc.

At R.'s action by the village the attack of vomiting is preceded by the stage of its harbingers (nausea) which is characterized by strengthening of secretion of saliva and bronchial slime, perspiration, changes of breath and blood circulation, burdensome subjective feelings of nausea. Duration of this stage at action of Apomorphinum is less, than at reflex R.' action by the village. From the last the least long stage of harbingers is noted at reception of copper sulfates and zinc.

In practice of R. the page use hl. obr. for treatment of alcoholism. For this purpose most often apply Apomorphinum and emetine. Rubles of page of a reflex effect in the small doses insufficient for manifestation of emetic effect, appoint as expectorants (see).