VLADIMIROV Yury Andreevich

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VLADIMIROV Yury Andreevich (• sort. in 1932) — the Soviet biophysicist, professor (1968).

VLADIMIROV Yury Andreevich

In 1954 graduated from MSU, worked at department of biophysics biologo-poch-vennogo f-that. Since 1962 the manager. laboratory of molecular photobiology in Ying-those biological physics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR; since 1967 the department chair of biophysics of the 2nd MMI of N. I. Pirogov.

In 1968 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Priming Photochemical Reactions in Aromatic Amino Acids and Proteins».

Yu. A. Vladimirov published St. 200 scientific works, including 4 monographs, 2 manuals on biophysics devoted generally to a research of fluorescence and a phosphorescence of proteins, priming photochemical reactions in proteins, to studying of the phenomenon of weak chemiluminescence (a superweak luminescence) in biol, systems, kinetics and the mechanism of peroxide (free radical) oxidation of lipids in biol, membranes. It formulated a hypothesis of the leading role in cellular pathology of processes of disturbance of barrier function of the membranes connected with peroxide oxidation of lipids, action of endogenous phospholipases, adsorption of proteins and osmotic stretching of membranes; the significant contribution to development of a number of the luminescent methods applied in biology and medicine is made. In particular, the methods based a .na use of a superweak luminescence of a blood plasma and fluorescent probes (see. Luminescence ), found application at diagnosis of a number of inflammatory, immune, cardiovascular diseases.

Yu. A. Vladimirov is an editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Biophysics» of BME.

Works: Photobiology and spectral methods of a research, Workshop on the general biophysics, under the editorship of B. N. Tarusov, t. 8, M., 1964 (sovm, with Litvin F. F.); Photochemistry and luminescence of proteins, M., 1965; A superweak luminescence at biochemical reactions, M., 1966; Peroxide oxidation of lipids in biological membranes, M., 1972 (sovm, with Archakov A. I.); Fluorescent probes in a research' biological; membranes, M., 1980.

Yu. M. Lopukhin.