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VESTIBULAR SYMPTOM COMPLEX — a combination of the symptoms caused direct or a metastasis ad nervos of function of a vestibular analyzer.

The etiology

V. is observed by page at cerumen impactions in outside acoustical pass, at timpanogenny labyrinthites (acute, hron.), noninflammatory diseases of an inner ear, exogenous, endogenous intoxications, an angioneurotic state, an idiopathic hypertensia, an injury, at Menyer's disease, a neurinoma of an acoustical nerve, defeat of a vestibular nucleus in a brainstem, at neurosises.

Clinical picture

Close anatomo-fiziol. communication vestibular analyzer (see) with vagosympathetic and motive systems, and also with kernels of third cranial nerves causes emergence at irritation of its such phenomena as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, disturbance of stability at rest, the movement and at various provisions of the head, a spontaneous nystagmus, fall of temperature of a body, change of a respiratory rhythm, pulse, blood pressure, size of a pupil, the strengthened sweating, blanching or face reddening. The leading symptom is dizziness — feeling of the shift (rotation) of a surrounding situation, disturbance of stability at the movement and standing, Krom is not always accompanied by other symptoms making in total full V.

of page B. of page usually satisfactory proceeds in the form of suddenly arising attacks, in intervals between to-rymi a condition of patients. Sometimes V. the page has constant character.

The diagnosis

the Diagnosis does not represent difficulties, is put on the basis of a clinical current. The experimental labyrinth tests (rotary and caloric) causing a feeling, similar to a state at an attack confirm the diagnosis (see. Vestibulometriya ).


Treatment causal — depending on a basic disease, and symptomatic: during an attack — cold on the head, to legs of a hot-water bottle; at vomiting — candles (Barbitali-natrii 0,4, Atropini sulfur. 0,001, Coffeini puri 0,02, Butyri Cacao q. s. ut f. supp. D. t. d. No. 6 no 1 to a candle at dizziness with vomiting). Within 6 — 7 days do foot hot baths 5 min. and accept sedatives with drugs of an atropinic row, napr, pills of the following structure: Barbitali-natrii 4,0, Extr. Belladonnae 0,4, Coffeini puri 0,3, Amidopyrini 4,0, Massae pii. q. s. ut f. pii. No. 40, S., on 1 pill in 3 times a day to food. Occupations to lay down. physical culture.

Forecast is defined by the disease which caused V. of page

Vestibular frustration in flight

the Present stage of development of aircraft it is characterized by big speeds, high maneuverability and flights in any weather conditions. During the flights at aircrew and passengers of the air transport the vestibular frustration which are characterized by the touch, motor and vegetative reactions arising under the influence of multidirectional accelerations («bumpiness», complex pilotage etc.) are sometimes observed.

At the same time mechanical irritants work (see. Zero gravity , Motion desease , Acceleration ), which are perceived by mechanioreceptors of internals (see Mechanioreceptors) and neuroreceptor educations vestibular analyzer (see). Distinguish two fiziol, the mechanism of development of vestibular disturbances in flight: reflex and uslovnoreflektorny which define disturbance of functional systemacity of the analyzers which are carrying out space perception and weakening of reciprocal influences from receptors of an otolitovy part of a vestibular mechanism on function of semicircular channels.

Frequency of vestibular frustration in flight at aircrew of 0,5 — 2% of cases, at passengers — to 20% (V. I. Voyachek, etc., 1946). Quantitative distinctions are explained by unequal conditions of observations, age, sexual, the prof. features, a difference in the state of health of persons etc.

Allocate two forms of vestibular frustration: explicit (with the expressed symptoms) and hidden. At an explicit form working capacity clearly decreases, illusory perception of the space relations, blanching of integuments, perspiration, yawning, salivation, nausea, vomiting and a number of the symptoms characterizing changes in cardiovascular and respiratory systems are observed. At the same time there can be a slackness, weakness or increased fatigue, drowsiness and a headache. The most essential sign, on Krom judge an explicit form of a motion desease, symptoms from outside are went. - kish. path: salivation, nausea and vomiting. The explicit form of vestibular disturbances is observed preferential at passengers.

The latent form of vestibular frustration proceeds at aircrew more often and is shown in the form of feeling of heat in the head easy for weakness, slackness, dryness in a mouth etc. Decolourizations of face skin and visible mucous membranes, easy perspiration, a tremor of fingers of hands are objectively observed. Pulse becomes frequent (on 5 — 10 blows in 1 min.), systolic and diastolic arterial pressure increases (on 5 — 15 mm of mercury.), excitability and lability of the visual analyzer decreases, duration of stage of latency of simple motor reaction increases by a sound irritant, the size of electroskin resistance and critical frequency of merge of light flashings decreases, operating time with proof tables increases, the capacity of the visual analyzer decreases.

The latent form of vestibular frustration is dangerous that it is hardly diagnosed. Identification of persons with the hidden vestibular disturbances can be effective in case of constant dynamic medical overseeing inspected and good knowledge the doctor of conditions of activity of aircrew.

Vestibular frustration are observed also in the course of space flights. Kliniko-fiziol. the picture of vestibular frustration during space flights is characterized by the following features: ease of a current — astronauts keep working capacity; rather long period of development from the beginning of influence of zero gravity; communication between disturbances of space orientation and vegetative reactions. The first two features are explained by high individual resistance of astronauts to complex action of factors of space flight, the third — action of zero gravity on system of the analyzers reflecting space orientation of a body.

Prevention of vestibular frustration in flight consists in creation optimum a fiziologo-gigabyte. conditions in cabins and interiors of aircraft; rationalization of work, rest and food; special selection and a training of the persons working at transport; use of medicinal substances. Prevention should be carried out in a complex, in all directions.

See also Vestibular reactions .

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