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VEGETABLE SULPHUR (Lycopodium; GFH) — disputes of different types of a club moss: club-shaped — Lycopodium clavatum L., flattened, or two-edged — Lycopodium complanatum L. (Lycopodium anceps Wallr.) and year — Lycopodium annotinum L., this. a club-moss family — Lycopodiaceae.

The smallest the powder pale yellow, fat to the touch which is easily sticking to fingers; it is not moistened with a cold water, it is non-hygroscopic; inodorous and taste; it is very mobile and at dispersal lays down a thin coat; has special softness and coating ability.

Apply as aid at production of pills, and also as children's powder and at decubituses. In drugstores store in banks, cans or double paper packages, in warehouses — in the paper packages placed in the boxes which are laid out by paper.

V. V. Churyukanov.