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UVEOPAROTYT (uveoparotitis; pozd-not lat. uvea a choroid

of an eye - j..... parotitis; synonym: neyrouveo-

p and p<) Tit. uveomeshshgit, uveoiaro-titny fever, He-erfordt's syndrome. Heerfordt's syndrome — Mylae of Noosa) — the syndrome which is characterized by a combination of bilateral parotitis to a bilateral uveitis; sometimes is followed by defeat of a nervous system (a polyneuritis, an encephalomeningitis), and also respiratory tracts and limf, nodes.

Heer-fordtom is for the first time described in 1909 (Gh. F. Heerfordt). Occurs at mature age, at women more often than at men.

The etiology is not found out. Row researcher'!, based on existence of nek-ry general signs, carry a uveoparotitis to manifestations sarkoi-to: and (see).

At a morphological research in salivary and lacrimal glands the Vyya vlyatsya a productive inflammation with existence of the granulomas containing oshggelioidny and colossal cells.

In a wedge, a picture bilateral painless increase in parotid glands (see Parotitis), defeat of a vascular path of eyes (see the Iridocyclitis, the Uveitis, Horioioit), fervescence is noted (sometimes to 38,5 °). Can took away also h and in and tsya podjya z ychn ye jelly zy, the paresis of a facial nerve (see) caused by neuritis and having reversible character is sometimes observed, it is rare — an optic neuritis (see). Sometimes the paralysis of an eighth cranial nerve which is followed by deafness (see) develops. P ri developing of an encephalomeningitis (see Meningitis) the concern, spasms, a photophobia, a headache, vomiting are observed.

In some cases at a combination At. to a sarcoidosis lymphadenitis is noted (cervical, axillary and inguinal limf, nodes), the mucous membrane of respiratory tracts is surprised, up to development of bronchial pneumonia (see Pneumonia).

Treatment is carried out by corticosteroids, appointed febrifugal and anesthetics.

The forecast depends on preferential localization of process and weight a wedge, manifestations. Often At. passes spontaneously, however approximately in 10% of cases At. can get a recurrent current.

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V. V. Afanasyev.