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UVCh-TERAPYYa (synonym: ultravy-

sokochastotny therapy, ultrashort-wave therapy) — a method of treatment by the electromagnetic field in the frequency range from 30 to 3000 MHz.

At UVCh-t. absorption of electromagnetic energy in a live organism is defined by generally electric component of the field.

Electric field of UVCh has high penetration, to paradise depends as well from electric and dielectric (see. Dielectric permeability) properties of fabrics, cells and their components. In body tissues it causes fluctuations of ions, the shift of electron shells and atomic groups within molecules (electronic and atomic polarization)), and also oriyentatsshshny or dipolar polarization in the polar molecules having own dipole moment.

The absorbed energy of the field UVCh will be transformed by hl. obr. in heat (heat effect of action of the field). There is an opinion that a yole of UVCh along with thermal renders also non-thermal — ostsillyatorny action. However this opinion did not obtain the convincing evidence yet.

Feature of thermal action of electric zero UVCh is selective warming up of body tissues according to them physical. - to chemical properties, the ability to dispersion of heat depending on blood supply, heat conductivity and reradiation and also according to characteristics of the field UVCh. Selective warming up of fabrics depends also on an arrangement of electrodes, close to-rykh electric field strength the highest. The greatest number of heat at action of zero UVCh is formed in hypodermic cellulose, smaller — - in muscles, skin, nervous tissue, blood and a lymph. Respectively reaction of an organism to action of the field UVCh is caused by the functional and biochemical shifts arising in response to heating of fabrics and irritation of thermoreceptors.

In medical practice use continuous and pulse electric field of UVCh. Power of electric field in an impulse by 100 times and more exceeds the power of the continuous field. Time of action of an impulse makes several microseconds and one hundred times less than duration of a pause. Pulse electric field of UVCh allows to carry out short-term influence of big power, without causing damage of fabrics.

Action of continuous electric field of UVCh of big power is followed by negative reactions of an organism (oppression of processes of regeneration, strengthening of pains, etc.). Therefore in the therapeutic purposes use the capacities of the field giving feeling of weak heat more often.

Under the influence of electric zero UVCh in the center of an inflammation blood circulation amplifies, there is dehydration of fabrics, are stimulated funki Russian cabbage soup of systems y with m about and about well klear ny phagocytes (see); at traumatic and in wasps and and l you iteit l but-d e a gene r and ti vn y x and r about - tsessa in a nervous system accelerate regeneration (see) nervous elements and speed of carrying out excitement. Electric field of UVCh reduces sensitivity of pain receptors that causes its soothing action. The anti-spastic action of electric field of UVCh on smooth muscles of a stomach, intestines, a gall bladder stimulating influence on department of bile and intestinal juice is noted. Under the influence of the field UVCh secretion of bronchial glands decreases. Impact on kidneys is followed by increase in glomerular filtering, strengthening of a renal blood-groove. Under the influence of the field UVCh there is a trichangiectasia, strengthening of a blood-groove, decrease in the ABP, the native of heart rate is frequent. High doses cause tachycardia, increase of breath.

Indications: acute purulent surgical infection (furuncle, anthrax, phlegmon, felon, hydradenitis, osteomyelitis, etc.), acute inflammatory, including purulent, diseases of an eye (keratitis, blepharitis, etc.), fish soup, throats, nose (otitis, antritis, aggravation hron. tonsillitis in the presence of purulent traffic jams in lacunas), bronchial tubes and lungs (abscess, an acute pneumonia, an aggravation hron. pneumonia, bronchiectasias), a liver and a gall bladder (hepatitis, cholecystitis, including subacute), kidneys, a uterus and its appendages (in an infiltrative and exudative stage), periodontosis, and also effects of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal device (joints, a backbone), a nervous system (a myelitis, poliomyelitis, effects of an injury of a spinal cord, peripheral nerves), diseases of peripheral vessels (an obliterating endarteritis, acute and subacute thrombophlebitis), trophic ulcers.

According to special indications the field UVCh of high intensity is used for thermal damage of tumors and creation of a hyperthermia.

Protivop of an eye of a zaniye: but in<> about r and z about in and - a niya, general diseases of blood, hypotonia, pregnancy, tuberculosis in an active stage, an ischemic disease, hearts, an idiopathic hypertensia since the II B of a stage, a diabetes mellitus in a stage of a decompensation, heart failure of the II—III degree, tendency to bleedings, an aortic aneurysm. UVCh-t. it is contraindicated to the persons working at generators of high, ultrahigh and ultrahigh frequency.

Technique. During the procedure of the patient is in a comfortable position — sitting in a wooden chair or lying on a wooden couch. Metal objects — hairpins, jewelry, etc. — deletes from a zone of influence of the field UVCh (metal tooth crowns are not a contraindication for carrying out UVCh-t.; existence in a body of the patient of the metal plates fixing fragments of bones at treatment of changes also does not serve as a contraindication. if to use longitudinal position of races of electrodes). It is reasonable to refrain from use of UVCh-t. when in a body of the patient there are metal splinters or the implanted pacemakers (see Cardiostimulation) since it can lead to local burns and failure in work of a pacemaker. E le kt childbirth (to about N not of ATO of a rna e and l and sti-na) has cross, is longitudinal or at an angle to a body surface in a zone patol. center. At deep localization of the center before -

I ochitat i yu a peppery arrangement. The size of the air gap

between a condenser plate and a body surface is established depending on depth of an arrangement of the center: at superficial

processes it is equal to 0,5 — 1,5 cm, at deep — 2 — 4 cm. The gap total (on both sides) shall not exceed 6 cm for figurative and

8 cm for mobile devices. Diameter of a condenser plate is chosen depending on a zone of defeat. For impact on areas of a nose, an ear, or persons use the smallest plates, on various areas of a trunk — a plate of an average and a large diameter. The procedure can be carried out through dry clothes or a dry plaster bandage.

Influence by electric field of UVCh is dosed on a power output, feeling the patient of heat and time of the procedure. Distinguish doses athermic (without caumesthesia), oligotermichesky (with feeling of weak heat) and thermal (with feeling of the expressed heat). For receiving athermic and oligotermichesky doses use the minimum power of the field UVCh and the most admissible air gap. Adults have impacts on area of the person and small joints carry out at the power of 15 — 40 W (elderly people have always the minimum dose), bodies of a thorax, abdominal cavity, small pelvis and large joints — 70 — 100 W. Children have an applied power of influence it is less: on area of the person and neck — 15 — 30 W, bodies of a thorax and abdominal cavity — 30 — 40 — 70 W, top and bottom extremities — 15 — 40 W (depending on age). Children for preservation of the constant air gap between a condenser plate and a body surface are laid by felt or flannel circles 1,2 thick or the Manager of dependence on the required size of the air gap; electrodes fix a bandage. Duration of influence for adult 10 — 15 min., for children —

5 — 12 min. The course of treatment makes

5 — 12 procedures.

UVCh-t. it is not recommended to combine with darsonvalization (see), a high-frequency inductothermy (see), microwave therapy (see), x-ray and radioactive influences. Combinations of UVCh-t are admissible. with influence by a direct and impulse current of low frequency, thermal. hydropathic procedures, UF-radiation.

At VCh - an inductothermy (variation magnetic field of UVCh) — - to lay down. the method, the operating factor to-rogo is preferential magnetic field of UVCh brought to fabrics resonant indukto rum.

In fabrics and Wednesdays with high specific heat conductivity (muscles, blood, a lymph, parenchymatous bodies) at the same time vortex currents are formed that is followed by considerable heat generation. Penetration depth of magnetic field of UVCh in an organism makes

5 — 6 cm. Method UVCh-induktoter-mii is studied not enough. Its antiinflammatory action, ability to strengthen local blood circulation, to increase fabric exchange, to have soothing effect are noted. This method is applied by hl. obr. at inflammatory diseases, a thicket in a face (antritis, sinusitis, meybo-miit), and also at pneumonia at newborns and children of chest age.

For treatment use the resonant inductor, to-ry establish over the center of defeat with a gap 0,5 cm or without it. Duration of influence of 10 — 15 min., 10 — 15 procedures appoint to a course.

Devices for UVCh-therapy represent the generators of electromagnetic oscillations of ultra-high-frequency range working at frequency of 27,12 MHz or 40,68 MHz. Devices are divided by design on figurative and mobile. Figurative devices have the maximum power output to 100 — 150 W, mobile — to 400 — 500 W. Output tension can be modulated (or the sinusoi-dalno-modulated tension of a power line) and pulsed-modulated (devices for

pulse UVCh-t.).

The USSR produces devices for UVCh-t in lots.: figurative —

UVCh-30 with the maximum power output of 30 W and UVCh-66 with the maximum power output

of 70 W \mobile — «Screen-2» with the maximum power output of 350 W and the «Impulse-3» creating pulsed-modulated high-frequency fluctuations with duration of an impulse apprx. 2 microseconds, the frequency of following of impulses of 500 Hz and the greatest power output in an impulse of 18 Siberian salmons at the same time the average power output makes 18 W. The devices «Screen-2» and «Impulse-3» are supplied with the medical clock, with the help to-rykh determine the set time of the procedure. After this time the generator is automatically switched off and the audible signal is given.

For impact on small sites (an eye, an ear, tooth, etc.) release the device «Miniterm» with the maximum power output

of 5 W having the measuring instrument of a power output (dosimeter), the medical clock and four sets of electrodes — for use in stomatology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology and gynecology.

Electrical safety during the work with devices for UVCh-t. it is provided with protective grounding (on a class I). For protection of medical staff against influence of the field UVCh mobile devices place in the cabins curtained by the shielding fabric (see. Physiotherapeutic office).

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