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UST-KAChKA — the balneological resort of a steppe zone in the Perm RSFSR region. The largest resort in the Urals. It is located in 58 km from Perm, on the left high coast of the Kama River near a big pinery. Around meadows with lakes Forest, Light, White stretch. The climate is moderately continental. Summer warm; average temperature of July 18 °. Winter cold; average temperature of January — 15 °. An amount of precipitation in a year apprx. 600 mm (from them in the summer apprx. 200 mm). Number of hours of sunshine in a year apprx. 1700.

The main to lay down. factors: unique structure strong hydrosulphuric (a hydrogen sulfide content to 0,355 g/l) and the strong brine waters with a mineralization to 270 g/l containing iodine (0,01 g/l) and bromine (0,623 g/l) to-rye use hloridno-sodium waters with a mineralization to 80 g/l in cultivations for bathtubs, an underwater shower massage and others balneoprotsedur (see Balneoterapiya), and also for an electrophoresis (see) and aerozolyperapiya (see). Bathings are used and to lay down. gymnastics in the indoor pool with mineral water. In the territory of the resort it is removed also mineral chloride sul - fatno - the magnesium-calcium water with a mineralization of 4,7 g/l used for drinking treatment. Besides, in the resort apply mud cure (see); to lay down. dirt is prepared from the peat and clay saturated with hydrogen-sulfide water.

In Ust-Kachke function the large sanatorium equipped with laboratories and medical diagnosti-cheskimi offices, a balneolechebnitsa. Out-patient treatment according to vouchers is organized. In scientific and methodical providing to lay down. - prof. of work in the resort take part the Sverdlovsk scientific research institute of balneology and physical therapy of M3 of RSFSR and Perm medical in-t.

Indications: diseases of the musculoskeletal device, digestive organs, a female genital, skin, a peripheral nervous system, and also glaucoma (the term of treatment for patients with glaucoma of 26 days).

Contraindications — see Balneoterapiya.

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