USPENSKY Vasily Vasilyevich

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USPYONSKY Vasily Vasilyevich (1881 — 1952) is the Soviet surgeon, the doctor of medical sciences of honoris causa (1935), professor (1937), zasl. doctor of RSFSR (1944).

Studied for a medical f-takh of the Kazan and Moscow high fur boots. Being a student, participated in an anti-epidemic expedition on fight against cholera in Persia. Due to the revolutionary activity it was forced to interrupt training and to emigrate to France. With assistance of Che. Nicolas began to work in Pasterovskom in-those in Paris where got acquainted with I. I. Mechnikov and A. M. Without rare. At the same time attended the Parisian higher medical school. Having been returned in 1910 to Russia, the same year, having passed examination in Moscow un-those, gained the diploma of the doctor and then worked as the territorial doctor in the Tambov and Ufa provinces. Specialized on surgery in clinical in-those improvements of doctors in St. Petersburg and in Old and Ekaterina's hospital (nowadays city hospital No. 24) in Moscow under the leadership of V. N. Rozanov, V. M. Mintz and P. A. Herzen. In 1914 it was sent from Moscow in Kologriv of the Kostroma province where would work as the surgeon in district. In 1918 arrived to Tver (nowadays Kalinin) where the hl worked. doctor integrated city-tsy and manager. surgical department. For a number of years managed department of anatomy and physiology of the Kalinin teacher training college.

During the Great Patriotic War V. V. Uspensky was the chief surgeon evakogospitalya.

V. V. Uspensky's works were devoted to problems of abdominal surgery, especially questions of treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum. In 1922 at the XV congress of the Russian surgeons gave the report on an occasion of stomach ulcer and a duodenum, having subjected to the analysis of 1600 operations. In the report it propagandized a gastroenterostomy (see) as a procedure of choice of operational treatment of a peptic ulcer. Operations of separation of a gastroenteroanastomosis at emergence of round ulcers were offered them.

V. V. Uspensky one of the first implemented hemotransfusion (1924) in a wedge, practice. In 1919 V. Uspensky published work about chronic duodenal impassability, and in 1934 — about invaginations at a gastroenterostomy.

At the XXV All-Union congress of surgeons it was elected the vice-chairman of a congress, was the honorary member Moscow and Leningrad surgical about - century.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin.

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