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UROPEPSYN (synonym: uropepsino-

a gene, a pepsinogen or pepsin of urine) — proferment of pepsin, small amounts to-rogo are present at urine. At. causes proteolytic activity of urine (see) in acid medium. In 1861. At. it was found in urine in E. Briicke's researches, however the name «uropepsin» appeared only in 1886. In the beginning believed what uropepsin is the pepsin (see) which got to blood and then removed as a part of urine. Later researches showed that At. — it is a pepsinogen, to-ry it is developed by the main cells of glands of a mucous membrane of a stomach;

about 1 its % comes directly to blood and is removed with urine.

Definition At. tried to use for assessment of a functional condition of secretory function of a stomach (see) since there were quantities given about compliance allocated At. to amount of the pepsin cosecreted in a gastric juice (see). However definition At. in a wedge, practice was not widely adopted. It is connected with big individual differences of quantity At. in urine of healthy people, dependence of its excretion on age, sex, big daily fluctuations. Besides, concentration At. in urine varies with the broad range at patients with various diseases of a stomach and duodenum. Only after a gastrectomy (see) and at pernicious anemia (see) note falloff of excretion of U. Nek-roye reduction of its contents it is observed also at cirrhosis (see) and hepatitises (see Hepatitis).

For definition At. often use the method based on splitting of hemoglobin by it with the subsequent definition of tyrosine in a protein-free filtrate (Anson's methods and Wordly), and also measurement of speed of curdling of milk under action At. (Uets's method — ■ Pyatnitsky). Some other methods, including Tugolukov's method, did not gain distribution.

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