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The UROLOGICAL PHANTOM — the model of the bottom of a trunk of the person reproducing uric ways full-scale and applied as the visual aid to training in methods of urological inspection of the patient.

Make At. t. from plastic and other polymeric materials. With its help the medical student or the specializing doctor can gain the first impression

about the equipment of catheterization of a bladder and ureters (see Catheterization of uric ways), tsistoskopiya (see), hromotsistoskopiya (see), a manual research of a prostate (see the Prostate, methods of inspection). Depending on the device U. t. allows to reproduce a number of the major symptoms at a beater. diseases, in particular a cystoscopic picture of diseases of a bladder, bleeding from the mouth of an ureter, change of a form and consistence of a prostate at cancer, adenoma, tuberculosis. So, At. t., offered by N. A. Lopatkin and M. D. Javad back, allows not only to conduct the elementary researches, but also to observe release of indigo carmine and blood from mouths of ureters. The phantom is equipped with replaceable inserts, to-rye give the chance to show nek-ry damages of a bladder. Yu. A. Pytel offered original model of the urological rektum-phantom intended for development of the technique of a research of a prostate and diagnosis of her nek-ry diseases.

Ya. V. Gudynsky.