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URIKOPATYI [lat. (acidum) of uri-cum uric acid + Greek pathos suffering, a disease] — group of diseases, to-rykh is the cornerstone the disturbance of exchange of purines, xanthine, nucleic acids leading to accumulation in blood, urine and other biological liquids of uric acid and its salts — urates (preferential mononatriye-howl salts uric to - you).

Hurrah you (see) have the damaging effect on various bodies and systems of an organism. So, action on walls of arteries leads them to increase in the ABP (at 1/3 patients with an idiopathic hypertensia level uric to - you in blood is increased); adjournment uric to - you and its salts in covers of joints promotes development of arthritises (see), in a backbone — a spondylosis (see), in kidneys — an uratny nephropathy (see. Urate diathesis, Gout); strengthening of urates in urine can lead to an urolithiasis (see the Nephrolithiasis). In parallel with disturbance of purine exchange changes of lipidic and carbohydrate metabolism, promoting development of obesity (see) and a diabetes mellitus are noted (see a diabetes mellitus). All these diseases in the presence of a hyperuricemia (see. At a rikemiya) call urikopatiya.

The diagnosis At. it is based on determination of content of uric acid in blood and urine (see. Uric acid).

Treatment includes the diet poor in purine bases (see Gout). Medicamentous therapy is directed to removal from an organism uric to - you and its salts or to blocking of synthesis uric to - you in an organism. For this purpose appoint Allopyrinolum (Miluritum), and also citrate mixes (e.g., Magurlitum), Uri-kovak, Urodanum, etc.

The forecast at early the begun treatment favorable.

Prevention comes down to early diagnosis of disturbances of purine exchange and their correction.

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