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URIC BECAME NUMB — penetration and accumulation of urine in fabrics and cavities owing to injury of kidneys and uric ways. Distribution and M.'s localization z. depend on the nature of damage, pressure of urine in the damaged body and extent of disturbance of its outflow, and also on a condition of surrounding fabrics and bodies. At the same time the topography of fastion and kletchatochny spaces has paramount value. M z. it is observed at disturbance of integrity of pyelocaliceal system of ureters, a bladder and urethra owing to an injury, wound during operation and at nek-ry diseases (a spontaneous rupture of a gidronefroticheska of the transformed kidney, perforation of a diverticulum of a bladder by a stone, perforation of a bladder a tumoral or syphilitic ulcer, etc.).

Treatment of fabrics urine causes in them necrosis (see), creates favorable conditions for development of an infection and uric phlegmons (see). The urine which streamed in an abdominal cavity causes the phenomena of chemical irritation of a peritoneum, and further purulent peritonitis (see).

At M. z. the condition of the patient worsens, temperature increases, there are a fever, frequent pulse, thirst, nonsense, anemia accrues. In a zone M. z. there is a dense and painful infiltrate, the dermahemia, increase in local temperature is observed. In the center of infiltrate fluctuation and a necrosis of skin with the subsequent formation of outside uric can appear fistula (see). At break in hollow body formation of interorgan fistula is possible.

To M.'s diagnosis z. the X-ray analysis of uric ways helps and Fistulografiya (see).

M z. is subject to broad opening and drainage. At flow into retroperitoneal kletchatochny space owing to damage of upper uric ways along with drainage of the last make nephrostomy (see). At the expiration of urine in an abdominal cavity the urgent laparotomy, recovery of an integrity of uric ways and removal of urine is required. In M.'s cases z. in pelvic cellulose after injuries of a bladder and urethra are reasonable drainage through a locking opening across Buyalsky — Mac-Uortera (see. Bladder ) and cystostomy (see. Vesicotomy ) with irrigation of a bladder antiseptic solution. For M.'s opening z. in a crotch and a scrotum slits and leading of drainages to the place of defect of an urethra are shown.

M.'s prevention z. consists in timely carrying out the operation directed to recovery of an integrity of uric ways, providing a normal passage of urine and drainage of the cellulose surrounding uric ways.

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F. A. Klepikov.