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URETHRAL GLANDS [glandulae urethrales (PNA, V NA), glandulae paraurethrales (JNA); Greek urethra an urethra] — glands of an urethra located preferential in its distal part on a lobby and sidewalls.

At. — small, revealed only at gistol. a research of group of ferruterous cells in an epithelium of an urethra (see). They treat alveolar and tubular glands; are located in about a lysis that layer or between cavernous bodies of a penis. Sometimes At. have an appearance of blind deepening in a mucous membrane (Littre's gland), at the bottom to-rogo are located in one number of a cell of a ferruterous epithelium. Number of glands of Littre in an urethra at men fluctuates from 70 to 160, length to their thicket makes 2 — 5 mm, reaches 10 — 25 mm less often. At women At. have the small sizes and the kolbovidny form; their largest accumulations are found on the periphery of an outside opening of an urethra. A secret At. has protective and antibacterial properties. The quantity of a secret increases at sexual excitement; sometimes at the same time a secret At. it is allocated in the form of a drop of transparent viscous slime from an outside opening of an urethra (urethrorrhea).

At. normal are not palpated, and at an uretroskopiya (see) on a mucous membrane are visible as dark points. At their inflammation — an urethral adenitis (littritis) arising quite often at an urethritis hyperemic and edematous output channels of glands stand out clearly. Inog-

Fig. Mpkroireparat of a mucous membrane of an urethra at the closed urethral adenitis (littritis): 1 — an epithelium of a mucous membrane; 2 — Littre's gland with exudate in a gleam; 3 — inflammatory infiltrate on the periphery of gland of Littre; coloring hematoxylin-eosine; x 40

and in an output channel of gland there is a purulent stopper, and gland is palpated as a dense painful small knot to dia. 2 — 5 mm. The urethral adenitis can be open when purulent exudate is emitted freely or during the squeezing of an output channel, and closed (fig). At distribution of inflammatory process to people around At. fabrics it can be observed limited or diffuse - will return (see). Treatment of an urethral adenitis is directed to a basic disease — see Gonorrhoea, the Urethritis. I. I. Ilyin.