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UBRTIS Joseph (Wortis Joseph, sort. in 1906) — the American psychiatrist.

In 1932 ended medical f-t Vienna un-that. It was improved in the field of psychiatry at 3. Freud, Ellis (H. N of Ellis), Zakelya (M. J. Sa ~ kel). In 1934 — 1941 the psychiatrist-physiologist in aviation exploratory laboratory Colombian un-that, and in 1943 — 1945 worked with hl in London in neurologic hospital, in 1942 — 1943. psychiatrist of the Navies of the USA.

In 1946 — 1952 the assistant to department of psychiatry of medical school New York un-that, in 1953 — 1967 the leading psychiatrist on children's psychiatry in the Brooklyn hospital (New York), in 1967 — 1973 the chief children's psychiatrist of the Medical center and professor of psychiatry of medical school New York un-that. Since 1973 professor of psychiatry and the head of scientific research of the New York university.

J. Uortis is the author of St. 100 scientific works, including 4 monographs devoted to questions of an etiology and treatment of mental diseases, researches of mental retardation, physiology of century of N of. A number of works in the field of normal physiology is carried out by him together with U. Gantt — one of I. P. Pavlov's pupils. For the first time in the USA it applied (1935) and implemented in practice insulin shock for treatment of schizophrenia (see) by the method offered Zac-lem.

J. Uortis gives considerable attention to studying of biological bases of mental diseases.

In 1950 J. Uortis published the monograph about the Soviet psychiatry containing the review of the Soviet scientific literature on this discipline. He is the editor-in-chief of the Biological Psychiatry magazine.

J. Uortis is the president of a row American medical about - century

of Works: Early experiences with Sakel’s hypoglycemic insulin treatment of the psychoses in America, Schweiz. Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. (Erganzh.), v. 39, p. 208, 1937; Physiological treatment of the psychoses, Med. Clin. N. Amer., l7. 25, p. 735, 1941; Soviet psychiatry, Baltimore, 1950; Mental retardation as a public health problem, Amer. J. publ. Hlth, v. 45, p. 632, 1955; Psychopharmacology and physiological treatment, Amer. J. Psychiat., v. 120, p. 643, 1964; Mental retardation, N. Y. — L., 1980 (edition). M. G. Shchirin.