UNION Mikhail Ivanovich

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The UNION Mikhail Ivanovich (1879 — 1935) is the Soviet microbiologist, the doctor of medicine (1913), professor.

Got an education on medical f-those Moscow un-that. In 1904 — 1905 worked as the intern of hospital of the Red Cross in Port Arthur. In 1906 received degree of the doctor with honors. In the subsequent was a territorial doctor, perfection in and l-sya within one and a half years on bacteriology in Germany in Ying-those infectious diseases of R. Koch, worked as the bacteriologist in Moscow. From 1921 to 1926 headed the department of hygiene and microbiology created on its initiative medical f-that Voronezh un-that. In 1926 — 1930 the director and the research supervisor Ying-that microbiology in Rostov-on-Don (nowadays Rostov scientific research institute of epidemiology, microbiology and hygiene of M3 of RSFSR). From 1930 to the last days lives headed Kiev in-t of microbiology (nowadays Kiev scientific research institute of epidemiology, microbiology and parasitology of the Ministry of Health of USSR).

M. I. Shtutser is an author apprx. 80 scientific works devoted to studying of causative agents of dysentery, diphtheria, cholera, paratyphus, etc. He experimentally proved a role of an epiploon (see) in protection of abdominal organs against an infection. M. I. Shtutser in 1917 irrespective of Schmitz (To. E. F. Schmitz) allocated the causative agent of dysentery (see) called later a shigella of the Union — Schmitz (Shigella dysenteriae 2). A number of its works is devoted to studying of variability of bacteria (see Dissociation of bacteria). The possibility of use of entomopathogenic bacteria for fight against insects — wreckers of sugar beet was established to them.

Works: To the doctrine about a parasite of rage, M., 1911; To a question of a role of a big epiploon in fight against an infection of an abdominal cavity, a yew., SPb., 1913; About diphtheritic and lozhnodifteriyny bacilli in urine, M., 1913 (sovm. from Flerina E. V.); New kind of paradysenteric sticks, Doctor, business, No. 7-8, Art. 221, 1920; To

question ShUBLADZE 493

of bacteritic flora of the intestinal channel at cholera, Arkh. wedge, and ekspery. medical, No. 4-6, page 148, 1922; About colibacilli, Mikrobiol. zhurn., t. 3, century 1-2, page 132, 1926; The Sketch of the doctrine about dissociation and a development cycle of bacteria, Zhurn. mikr. and immun., t. 7, century 2, page 129, 1930; Morphology, systematization and dissociation of bacteria, the Management on mikrobiol. and epidemiol., under the editorship of I. M. Velikanov, page 80, M. — D., 1937.