UNDRITS Wilhelm Fomitsch

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UNDRITS Wilhelm Fomich (1891 — 1963) is the Soviet otorhinolaryngologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1946), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1962).

In 1914 ended VMA. Till 1917 was at the front in quality of the doctor. From 1918 to 1940 worked at department of otorhinolaryngology of VMA, holding a position of the intern, junior assistant, senior teacher and professor — the deputy chief of department.

Since 1930 at the same time managed experimental and biological department of the Leningrad scientific research institute of diseases of an ear, a throat, a nose and the speech of M3 of RSFSR. Since 1935 the doctor of medical sciences. Since 1940 managed department of otorhinolaryngology of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that of Ii. II. Pavlova.

V. F. Undrits was a representative to l and to-fi zi about l ogp ches whom I will direct I in flocks and Nol and ringologiya. To them it is written St. 100 scientific works. He the first in the USSR began to study functions of an inner ear by means of registration of cochlear currents. He developed a technique of record of nistagmenny reaction eye


of muscles, determined a number of consistent patterns in work of a vestibular mechanism, specified central routes a nystagmus reflex. V. F. Undrits described symptoms of cortical deafness, borders of an absolute and relative sound injury are experimentally studied (see. Acoustic injury); the role of cooling in an etiology of acute inflammatory processes of upper respiratory tracts is investigated, value of an allergy and vasculomotor dysfunctions of a mucous membrane of a nose were studied. V. F. Undrits developed a number of ways of removal of foreign bodys from a nasopharynx. V. F. Undrits was an editor of a redotdel «Otorhinolaryngology» of the 2nd prod. BME.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, an award of Patriotic war of the I degree and medals.

Works: Gunshot wounds of the person, JIOP bodies and neck, JI., 1949 (sovm. with other); Acute stenoses of a throat, M., 1950; Gunshot wounds of a middle and inner ear, in book: Experience of owls. medical 1941 — 1945 in the Great Patriotic War, t. 8, page 285, M., 1951; Questions of clinical

physiology in otorhinolaryngology, JI., 1955 (bus of a number of the Art. and edition); Diseases of an ear, nose and throat, JI., 1960 (sovm. with other); Physiology of an ear and a technique of a physiological experiment on an ear, Mnogotomn. the management on otorinolar., under the editorship of A. G. Likhachev, t. 1, page 175, M., 1960; Guide to a clinical audiology, M., 1962

(sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Voyachek V. I., etc. Professor Wilhelm Fomitsch Undriz, Vestn. otorinolar., No. 1, page 3, 1962; Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences professor Wilhelm Fomitsch Undriz, in the same place, No. 1, page 63, 1955.

B. S. Preobrazhensky.