UNDERCUT Apollinary Grigoryevich

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UNDERCUT Apollinary Grigoryevich (1852 — 1900) — the domestic surgeon and the urologist, professor (1887).

UNDERCUT Apollinary Grigoryevich

Ended in 1875 medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. In 1878 protected dokt, the thesis about extension of nerves. From 1879 to 1883 it was improved in clinics of Vienna and Paris. Since 1890 the manager. clinic of surgical propaedeutics in Kharkiv, and since 1894 — clinic of hospital surgery Kharkiv un-that.

A. G. Podrez published apprx. 50 scientific works on various questions of surgery. For the first time in the world made removal of a foreign body from a wall of heart (1897) and described results corresponding rentgenol. researches (1898). For the first time in Russia successfully carried out a splenectomy (1887). New operational methods, modifications of operations (a gastroenterostomy, colostomy, a seam of mucous membranes) and hirurgich are offered them. tools (conductor of a chain saw, etc.). Its Russia's first guide to surgical diseases of uric and generative organs is of interest also now. A. G. Podrez possesses works «About blenorry the urinogenital device at men», lithotripsy, a tsistoneostomiya, about treatment of strictures of an urethra, etc. In 1884 the original way of recovery of passability of an urethra which was repeatedly described by I. Aljbarran is offered them.

A. G. Podrez's merits in development of the doctrine about diseases of bodies of urinogenital system allow to consider him one of founders of domestic urology.

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V. I. Shapoval.