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UMYDOVA Zulfia Ibragimovna (1897 — 1980) is the Soviet therapist, the member correspondent of AMH (1948), zasl. scientist and technicians of the Uzbek SSR (1950), zasl. doctor of the Uzbek SSR (1945), first Uzbek female doctor and doctor of medical sciences (1946).

In 1922 ended .med. the f-t Central Asian state un-that in Tashkent (nowadays Tashkent medical ii-t), worked as the intern of faculty therapeutic clinic of the same in-that (1922 — 1925), the doctor of the 2nd city-tsy Tashkent (1926 — 1930). Since 1930 the assistant, since 1937 the associate professor, and in 1947 — 1969 the manager of hospital therapeutic clinic Tashkent medical in-that, from 1970 to 1980 professor-consultant of the same clinic.

3. I. Umidova is the author of 80 scientific works, including three monographs. Scientific activity 3. By I. Umi-dova it is devoted to questions of a climatophysiology and a klimatopatologiya (see) cardiovascular system in the conditions of hot climate. It described types of hemodynamic shifts in an organism under the influence of high temperature of the environment and features of adaptation of cardiovascular system of healthy and sick persons to conditions of hot climate are revealed. She also studied features a wedge, pictures of an acute myocardial infarction, an idiopathic hypertensia, rheumatic myocarditis in these conditions; developed questions of treatment aterosklero-


for and coronary heart disease, a Bouveret's disease. It described influence of the Tashkent earthquake of 1966 on the course of a hypertension and a myocardial infarction; early studies on studying of features of spread of cardiovascular diseases in the Uzbek SSR are conducted. Works 3. I. Umidova also devoted to questions a vinogradoleche-niya (see) also elimination of heliotropic toxicosis (see) in the republic.

3. I. Umidova was an editor of a redotdel «Cardiology» of BME, the chairman Nauchnogo about-va therapists and cardiologists of the Uzbek SSR, the board member Vsesoyuznykh scientific about-in cardiologists and therapists, the member of editorial council of magazines «Kardiologiya», «Terapevtichesky arkhiv», the member of the International association of therapists. 3. I. Umidova was repeatedly elected the deputy of the Tashkent city council of People's Deputies, the deputy of the Supreme Council Karakalpak the ASSR.

It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: To clinic of cordial blockade, For sots. zdravookhr. Uzbekistan, No. 3-4, page 28, 1934 (sovm. with Mankus G.); Questions of a climatophysiology, Tashkent, 1939 (sovm. • with other); Cardiovascular system of the healthy person and feature of clinic of a myocardial infarction, and also other forms of coronary insufficiency in the conditions of hot climate of Tashkent, a yew., Tashkent, 1946; Physiology and pathology of cardiovascular system in the conditions of hot climate, Tashkent, 1949; To clinic of an idiopathic hypertensia in the period of the Tashkent earthquake, Rubbed. arkh., t. 41, No. 6, page 38, 1969 (sovm. with other); The Main directions of cardiology in Uzbekistan, Cardiology, t. 13, No. 7, page 121, 1973;

Sketches of cardiology of hot climate, Tashkent, 1975 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: The almanac of the Tashkent

award of the Labour Red Banner of the state medical institute (1920 — 1980), under the editorship of U. A. Aripov, page 179, 1982. U. A. Aripov.