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ULENNUT Paul (Ulilenhuth Paul Theodore. 1870 — 1957) — the German bacteriologist.

In 1893 graduated from Academy of the Kaiser Wilhelm in Berlin then worked in clinic you Rummage Berlin in-that infectious diseases, in Hygienic in-those in Greyfs Valde. In 1906 headed department of bacteriology of the Ministry to the zdravookhrena of N and I.

In 1911-1918 professor of hygiene un-that in Strasbourg, since 1921 — in Magdeburg, since 1928 — in Freyburge where at the same time headed Hygienic

in-other Ulengut — the author of scientific works on various questions of microbiology, a serology, hygiene. In 1901 he offered a method of biological differentiation of blood proteins of the person and animals on the basis of a precipitation test. P. Ulengut's method found broad application in sanitation, hygiene, court. - medical practice for definition of specific accessory of protein (see Precipitation). P. Ulengut the first imparted a typhinia to rats and mice, specified a way of morphological and serological differentiation of activators of different types of a typhinia, developed a method of identification of causative agents of diphtheria of birds and chicken smallpox, allocated the filtered virus of plague of pigs, developed medical serums against causative agents of leptospirosis (see) and a foot-and-mouth disease (in veterinary science). The selection medium for cultivation leptospir is offered them (see Ulengut Wednesday).

Works: Eine Methode zur Unterscheidung der verschiedenen Blutarten, im besonderen zum differentialdiagnostischen Nachweise des Menschenblutes, Dtsch. med. Wschr,

S. 82, 1901;

Experimented Grundiagen der Chemotherapie der Spirochaetenkrank-heiten, mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Syphilis, B. — Wien, 1911; Zur Kultur d^r «Spirochaete icterogenes», Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 1553, 1917; Hygienisches Prak-tikum, B. — Wien, 1923 (sovm. with Dold H.); Handbuch der mikrobiologischen Teclmik, Bd 1 — 3, B. — Wien, 1923 — 1924 (red!

sovm. with Kraus R.); Handbuch der pathoge-nen Mikroorganismen, Bd 1 — 10, Jena u. a., 1928 — 1931 (sovm. with other).

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