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ULENGUTA SREDA (P. Th. Uhien-huth, is mute. the bacteriologist, 1870 — 1957) — a medium from blood serum of a rabbit for cultivation leptospir. P. U was for the first time offered summer volume in 1917.

For preparation At. pages place blood of rabbits in sterile test tubes and leave till next day in the refrigerator at t ° 4 — 10 ° for the best department of blood serum. Blood serum is sucked away a sterile pipette, mixed with sterile water concerning 1:30 and spill 3 — 5 ml in test tubes. On a surface of the environment pour sterile liquid paraffin for protection from penetration of air.

Wednesday needs to be sustained in the thermostat at t ° 37 ° not less than three days for control of sterility.

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