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(R. Hoigne, Swiss dermatologist, sort. in 1923; a synonym reaction of microprecipitation of Uanye) — opacification of blood serum of people, sensibilized to any medicine, at addition of solution of this drug to it. At. earlier was considered as genitive as one of diagnostic tests at establishment of a medicinal allergy. Reaction is offered in 1955 Mr. of Uanye, Grossman (\\\to Grossman) and H. Storck.

Course of definition. In a ditch of the nephelometer (see Nefelometriya) place blood serum of the patient, to a cut on drops add transparent solution of the examinee of medicine. In another to a ditch of the same size pour a distilled water or fiziol. solution, serving as control. Testing of complex medicinal mixtures or drugs, water-insoluble, is impossible. Positive reaction is that instead of an enlightenment of the serum divorced transparent solution, its turbidity does not change or increases that the nephelometer p-cheski is registered. The drawn «curve of opacification» is characterized by existence of the plateau or sharp rise.

There are several modifications At. genitive (reaction on particles of polystyrenelatex, spektro-turbidimetric titration, etc.).

Diagnostic value At. genitive it is small; it is not specific in a large number of cases, badly is reproduced, not always there corresponds the wedge, expressivenesses of a medicinal allergy (see). Data on correlation of intensity At. river and. and there is no concentration of allergic antibodies (see), IgE (see Immunoglobulins) in blood serum at immediate hypersensitivity. It is necessary to consider also that a considerable part of pharmaceuticals causes the pseudo-allergic .reaktion which do not have at the heart of the pathogeny immunol. mechanisms. There are messages on attempts of use At. genitive with nek-ry other allergens (bacterial, fabric, etc.) * However proofs of that At. genitive can serve as method of detection of clinically expressed sensitivity to specific allergen and correlates with manifestations of allergic reactions, no. Thus, At. genitive cannot slu - it specific and l of l about r giches to them the test therefore it is inexpedient to be recommended in clinic for specific diagnosis of an allergy, in particular to medicinal.

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