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TsELS Avl (Celsus Aulus Cornelius, apprx. 25 — 30 — 50 AD) — the ancient Roman scientist-Encyclopaedist.

Had all-round education. Believe that gained medical knowledge at the Greek doctors living then in Rome, and also at medical school («Schola medicorum»); gained medical experience in a valetudinariu-ma — an ancient Roman clinic for slaves. However whether A. Tsels doctor by profession was, it is definitely not established.

A. Tsels was the author of the extensive encyclopedia «Artes» («Art») generalizing knowledge ancient in the most various areas: agro

nomiya, law, philosophy, rhetoric, military science, etc. A part of this encyclopedia (the VI—XIII book) — the treatise «About Medicine» written apprx. 25 — 30 AD is the only thing Tsels's work which reached us, in Krom he stated and analyzed an opinion of the predecessors — Hippocrates, Herophilos, Erazistra-ta, Asklepiad, etc. The mankind learned about many achievements of ancient doctors only thanks to A. Tsel-s. He emphasized importance of rational approach to questions of symptomatology, diagnosis, treatment and the forecast of diseases. He paid to hygiene and a dietetics of the healthy person much attention. In detail described symptoms of separate diseases and the general ways of their treatment: bloodlettings, banks, grindings, dietary food. A. Tsels supported need of strictly individual treatment. Also detailed data on pharmacology — about properties and preparation of drugs, their action, ways of appointment and dosages, various dosage forms are provided in work. The sections devoted to surgery are of great interest, in to-rykh the description of ways of a stop of bleeding (a tamponade, ligation on vessels, cauterizations), treatments of wounds, furuncles, anthrax, abscesses, ulcers, freezing injuries, hernias, changes and dislocations, etc. contains. A. Tsels described one of forms of a trichophytosis (area Celsi) called and now «kerion Tselsa». In its encyclopedia for the first time in Europe four local signs of an inflammation (pain, temperature increase, redness, swelling), cataract operations, operation of a side perineal lithotomy (the so-called section Tselsa, was applied till 20th years 19 century) and version on a leg in labor are described. Ancient Rome

named 160 CEMENT PRODUCTION of A. Tsels Latin Hippocrates, and for purity and grace of language — medical Cicero.

See also Meditsin.

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