To MILL Alexander Ustinovich

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To MILL Alexander Ustinovich (1826 — 1884) is a domestic psychiatrist, the pupil V. F. Sablera.

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in.1851 g. Since 1854 the supernumerary intern of the Moscow military hospital, and since 1856 — Preobrazhenskiy psychiatric-tsy in Moscow. In 1858 —-1864 the regular intern of this-tsy. Since 1864 the director Kazan okras ear ps ikhi-and t r icheskon - tsy; the associate professor of psychiatry Kazan un-that (1866), and since 1872 professor of psychiatry of the same un-that.

To A. U. Freza — the author of 23 scientific works. To A. U. Freza directly would participate in development of the project of construction of the Kazan district psychiatric, was involved as the consultant in discussion of construction plans of psychiatric BCs in Simferopol, Perm, Odessa and Kiev. In headed by it Kazan psychiatric-tse the humane method of the address with mentally sick was developed and the methods of treatment injuring their mentality are withdrawn (laxative, abscessing ointments, douches by a cold water, etc.). Scientific research A. U. Frez was devoted to various questions of clinic of mental diseases, initial manifestations and pathological anatomy of a general paralysis (see), to forensic-psychiatric assessment of mental diseases, the forecast of mental diseases and conditions of their emergence. Among the last he paid the greatest attention to a mental injury and generative factors (the adverse course of pregnancy and childbirth). Along with a course of the general psychiatry to A. U. Freza since 1868 gave a course of judicial psychiatry on legal f-those Kazan un-that. The most important object of activity of the doctor to A. U. Freza considered hygiene, it supported the movement for the sanitary and preventive direction in medicine.

Pupils to A. U. Freza were E. A. Osipov — one of ideologists of territorial medicine, II. I. Kowalewski is the first professor of psychiatry in Kharkiv.

Works: De paralysi general sive dementia paralitica auctorum, Diss., Mosquae, 1858;

About the device of madhouses, M., 1862; Sketch of a judicial conchology, Kazan, 1874; About a prediction in sincere diseases, Kazan, 1875; Short course of psychiatry, century 1 — 2, SPb., 1881.

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