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To BETA Albrecht (Bethe Albrecht, 1872 — 1954) — the German physiologist, the founder of the multivolume edition on normal and pathological physiology (Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie, 1925 — 1932). Studied in Freyburge, Munich and Berlin. Since 1915 occupied department of zoophysiology in Frankfurt - on - Main (J. W. Goethe - Universitiit) and worked till last days lives with a break from 1937 to 1945.

A. Bete's works on studying of neurofibrillar structures at invertebrates and vertebrate animals are widely known. He tried to prove that neurofibrilla is the main substrate for carrying out excitement. In his opinion, nervous cells do not participate in carrying out excitement and bear only trophic function owing to what all nervous system can be presented as huge network of neurofibrilla. A. Bete — one of opponents of the neural theory and the author of the concept about plasticity of nerve centers. The experiences with cross-linking of nerves of opposite extremities at dogs which showed a possibility of recovery of normal movements (i.e. as if a reeducation of the centers), and numerous experiments on studying of process of compensation at animals at different forms of amputation of extremities resulted it in belief that in c. the N of page does not exist the created «classical» centers. According to A. Bete, the neurofibrillar structure allows excitement to extend in c. N of page in any directions owing to what functional properties of the center are defined not by the system, but the periphery, i.e. the afferent alarm system from peripheral bodies.

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Bibliography: ThauerR. Albrecht Bethe, Pfliigers Arch. ges. Physiol., Bd 261, S. 1, 1955.

V. A. Shidlovsky.