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TYuBAZh (fr. tubage introduction of a tube, the probe, an intubation) — the medical action consisting in stimulation of a zhelchevydeleniye for the purpose of emptying of a gall bladder. It is carried out by means of the duodenal probe (probe tyubazh) and without it (tubeless, or the blind person, tyubazh).

T. apply at a number of diseases of a liver, biliary tract, a duodenum, a pancreas (diskineziya of biliary tract of atonic and hypotonic type, hron. not calculous cholecystitis, cholestatic hepatitis, hron. pancreatitis, duodenitis).

Contraindications — acute diseases or an aggravation hron. process (cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, erosive duodenitis, peptic ulcer); probes y T. it is contraindicated also at organic diseases of a nasopharynx (a nasal part of a throat, T.), gullet, severe forms ischemic and idiopathic hypertensia, portal cirrhoses of a liver.

Probe T. carry out by a technique of duodenal sounding (see), it is frequent in combination with washing of biliary tract (see Mineralnye Vody). Washing is usually begun after allocation of all three portions of bile, and in some cases after an otkhozhdeniye of a portion And, during release of vesical bile, at reduction of a gall bladder. Apply a certain mineral water to washing, depending on the level of secretion and gastric acidity, warmed up to 35 — 45 °, and also isotonic solution of sodium chloride of the same temperature in number of 250 — 500 ml. Probe T. carry out 1 time in 5 — 7 days within 1 1/.2 months. After a three-four-week break the course is repeated.

During the carrying out tubeless T. the patient is stacked on a bed or a couch on the right side with halfbent knees, allow to drink one of cholagogue means within half an hour: 2 glasses of broth of a dogrose either corn a rylets or 1 glass of 25% of solution of magnesium sulfate or 1 — 2 glass of the mineral water which is warmed up to 40 — 45 °, etc. For strengthening of a zhelchevydeleniye put a hot-water bottle on area of the right hypochondrium. The procedure lasts 1 V2 — 2 hours. To carry out T. duration of a course is recommended not less than 2 — 3 months at least 1 time a week. The combination probe (once a month) and tubeless (2 times a week) T is effective. At the expressed hypotonia and an atony of a gall bladder, slow hron. holets

you stit procedures it is possible to apply it is long (months, years). It promotes constant drainage of biliary tract and a gall bladder. century A. Galkin.