TYMOSHENKO Leonid Vasilyevich

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TYMOSHENKO Leonid Vasilyevich (sort. in 1921) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1974).

TYMOSHENKO Leonid Vasilyevich

In 1948 ended Kiev medical in-t, worked in the Kiev scientific research institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology of P. M. Buyko. Since 1964 the department chair of obstetrics and gynecology Lviv medical in-that, since 1971 the department chair of obstetrics and gynecology of the 1st Kiev in-that improvements of doctors. Doctor of medical sciences (1963).

L. V. Tymoshenko is the author of St. 300 works on problems of obstetrics and gynecology. Its researches of immunoconflict pregnancy allowed to develop questions of a pathogeny, clinic, diagnosis of various forms of a hemolitic disease of newborns; the possibility of a sensitization of women with a Rh-negative blood at artificial interruption of the first pregnancy was proved; the technique of definition of Rh antibodies in milk of mother is developed; are described patomorfol. changes in bodies of the children who died from a hemolitic disease the gistomorfologiya of a placenta is investigated. A number of its researches is devoted to questions of neuroendocrinal regulation of a childbed, features of its disturbances at anomalies of patrimonial activity, to a condition of reception of a neck of uterus at disturbances of motor function of a uterus in the course of childbirth, and also antenatal protection of a fruit at late toxicosis of pregnant women, arterial hypotonia, a perenashivaniye and not incubation of pregnancy, to features of endocrine disturbances at pregnancy.

L. V. Tymoshenko is a chairman Kiev regional and the member of boards All-Union and Ukrainian scientific about-in obstetricians-gynecologists, the deputy of hl. editors of the «Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology» magazine, editor of department «Obstetrics and gynecology» BME, member of Academic medical council of M3 of USSR. Is the honorary member scientific about-in obstetricians-gynecologists of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the Hungarian People's Republic, Socialist Republic of Romania.

Works: Hemolitic disease of newborns, Kiev, 1956; Neuro gumoral-nye factors in a pathogeny of patrimonial activity and some principles of its pathogenetic therapy, a yew., Kiev, 1962; Weakness of patrimonial activity, Kiev, 1965; Hemolitic disease of a fruit and newborns, M., 1968 (sovm. with other); Arterial hypotonia and pregnancy, M., 1972 (sovm. with Gaystruk A. N.); Obstetric endocrinology, Kiev, 1981 (sovm. with other); Practical gynecology, Kiev, 1981 (sovm. with other),

E. M. Vikhlyaeva.