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TV SETS Ludwig (Teleky Ludwig, 1872 — 1957) — the hygienist and the pathologist.

Ended in 1896 medical f-t Vienna un-that and received degree of the doctor of medicine. From 1909 to 1918 gave in Vienna un-those a course of social hygiene. In 1918 moved to Germany where participated in the organization of industrial and sanitary inspection. From 1919 to 1932 the director of Academy of the social hygiene created by it in Düsseldorf. In days of the fascist mode in Germany opposed Hitlerite policy in the field of the factory and insurance legislation, was exposed to prosecutions and in 1938 it was forced to emigrate enacha-la to Switzerland, and then to the USA. From 1939 to 1944 taught occupational health in Chicago un-those, and since 1944 worked in one of in-t of New York.

L. TV sets — the author of 300 scientific works in the field of occupational health and professional pathology, including a number of monographs concerning mercury intoxication, to a pneumoconiosis, on a dignity. to statistics of work and statistics of hospital cash desks. Name L. TV sets are carried by one of precursory symptoms of lead intoxication — weakness of razgibatel of fingers of hands (a symptom TV sets). Works of L are interesting. TV sets on karbonilnike-lyu, in to-rykh them danger of development of lung cancer as a result of this connection was shown.

L. TV sets belonged to the most progressive German scientists-hygienists. He acted with acute criticism of reactionary scientists, e.g. K. Lehmann, to-ry protected interests of industrialists.

Under the editorial office L. TV sets [together with Shlossmann and Gottstein (A. Schlossmann, A. Gottstein)] in 1925 — 1927 the six-volume guide to social hygiene of «Handbuch der sozialen Hygiene und Gesundheitsfiirsorge» including the big section of professional hygiene and pathology appeared. Since 1930. L. TV sets together with H. Zanger were published by Archiv fur Gewerbepatho-logie und Gewerbehygiene magazine, was the honorary member of the International association of industrial medicine (since 1950), and also the American academy of industrial medicine.

Works: Die gewerbliche Quecksilbervergiftung, V., 1912; Vorlesungen iiber soziale Medizin, Bd 1, Jena, 1914; Handbuch der sozialen Hygiene und Gesundheitsfiirsorge, Bd 1 — 6, B., 1925 — 1927 (edition sovm. with other); History of factory and mine hygiene, N. Y., 1948; Gewerbliche Yergiftungen, V. and. a., 1955.

Bibliography: Koelsch F. In memoriam Dr Ludwig Teleky, Dtsch. Gesundh. - Wes., Bd 4, S. 112, 1958; S t o w e 1 1 I.e. A. Ludwig Teleky, Brit. J. industr. Med., v. 15, p. 71, 1958.

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