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TURPENTINE (gum spirit of turpentine, Oleum Terebinthinae) — the essential oil received by distillation of gallipot from a pine ordinary (Pinus silvestris L.) this. pine (Pinaceae).

In medical practice apply S. cleared (a synonym: the gum spirit of turpentine purified Oleum Terebinthinae rectificatum; GFH). Page cleared — a transparent colorless liquid with a characteristic smell and burning taste. It is water-insoluble, alcohol-soluble. Mixes up in any ratios with ether, chloroform and benzene. Specific weight 0,855 — 0,863; t°kip — 153 — 160 °. Easily is oxidized on air, gaining at the same time yellow color and a dense consistence.

The page consists of mix of terpenic hydrocarbons, hl. obr. alpha and beta pinene (66 — 78%) and carene (10 — 18%). Besides, the following terpenes are S.'s part: limonene, sylvestrene, dipentene, camphene, terpineol, etc.

At topical administration of S. has local irritative effect and causes caused by this action the distracting (anesthetizing) and weak antiinflammatory effect. Besides, S. has antiseptic properties. At inhalation introduction causes irritation of bronchial glands and at the expense of it stimulates their secretory activity, promoting thereby reduction of viscosity of a phlegm, i.e. works as expectorant (see). Has similar expectorant properties received from Page. terpin hydrate (see).

Page. apply most often outwardly (in ointments and linimentums) as irritating and a revulsive at neuralgia, miozita, a lumbago, arthritises, arthroses.

As the expectorant of direct type of action of S. is appointed in the form of inhalations.

Poisonings Pages meet rather seldom and are observed usually at administration of drug inside. At the same time there are signs of a gastroenteritis and irritation of respiratory tracts. Perhaps also the damage of kidneys which is shown a hamaturia and an albuminuria, and in hard cases — an anury. At S.'s poisonings make gastric lavage (see), previously entering via the probe a liquid paraffin for the dissolution which is not soaked up S. Zatem enter active coal via the same probe and as laxative give a liquid paraffin.

Produce 50 ml in bottles. Store in well corked bottles of dark glass in the place protected from light.

The page is a part of nek-ry official dosage forms, napr, Unguentum Terebinthinae (Unguentum Terebinthinae) and linimentum of turpentine complex (Linimentum Terebinthinae compositum) applied as irritating and revulsives.

See also the Irritating substances .

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