TURPAYEV Tigran Melkumovich

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TURPAYEV Tigran Melkumovich (sort. in 1918) — the Soviet physiologist. member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1972). The member of the CPSU since 1945.

Ended biol. f-t Moscow un-that (1941). Participant of the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945). Since 1946 worked in Ying-those evolutionary morphology with it. A. N. Sever-dova of Academy of Sciences of the USSR under the leadership of X. S. Koshtoyantsa. Since 1961 the manager. laboratory, since 1967 the deputy director, and since 1974 the director Ying-that developmental biology of

N. K. Koltsov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

T. M. Turpayev published apprx. 160 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to studying of interaction of mediators with specific receptors. He found sulf-gidrplny groups in an active center muskarinovy a holinoretsep-Torah (1946 — 1955), developed kinetic methods of a research of reaction between acetylcholine and a receptor and received quantitative characteristics of this reaction. Development of T. M. Tourist's share amperometrichesky (1959 — 1961) and spektrofotometrichesky (1965 — 1971) methods of detection of a holinoretsepto-r in intact fabric and fabric homogenate gave the chance to study the phenomena of a reversible and irreversible denaturation of a receptor at

action of a number of agents on it, to carry out release of receptor protein from fabric extracts,

to define a row physical. - chemical characteristics and to establish nukleonro-

the teidny nature muskarinovy ho-lshyu a receptor. For the first time T. M. Turpayev produced the evidence of the proteinaceous nature of this receptor molecule (1955). It developed also the concept of the biochemical mechanism of self-control of mediator process based on detection fiziolo

gichesk of active agents, to-rye under the influence of a mediator are allocated in a synaptic gap and also iostsinaptiches-ky mechanisms influence on pre-. Under the leadership of T. M. Tur-payev researches in the field of evolutionary physiology of mediators are conducted.

T. M. Turpayev is the deputy academician of the secretary of Department of physiology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the associate editor of the «Reports of Academy of Sciences of the USSR» magazine, the deputy chairman of biological section of Committee on Lenin and State awards at Council of ministers of the USSR. It is elected the foreign member of the Serbian academy of Sciences and arts (1981).

It is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner, the Red Star and medals.

Works: Mediator function of acetylcholine and nature of a holinoretseptor, yew., M., 1961; Mediator function of acetylcholine and nature of a holinoretseptor, M., 1962;

Evolution of cholinergic mediator process, Zhurn. evolyuts. biokh. and fiziol., t. 3, No. 5, page 482, 1967 (sovm.

with Sakharov D. A.); Biochemical furs-yizm of self-control of cholinergic mediator process, Usp. fiziol. sciences, t. 1, No. 1, page 17, 1974 (sovm. with Putin at the price of T. G.); Spectrophotometric study of cholinoreceptors, in book: Neurotransmitters, comparative aspects, ed. by J. Salanki and. T. M. Turpaev, p. 325, Budapest, 1980.

D. A. Sakharov.