TURNER Heinrich Ivanovich

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TURNER Heinrich Ivanovich (1858 — 1941) is the Soviet surgeon, one of founders of domestic orthopedics, professor (1895), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1927).

Graduated St. Petersburg medico-hirur and h e with to at yu from academy in 1881, worked as the surgeon.

In 1892 protected dokt. the thesis on «To Anatomy of a Caecum and Worm-shaped Shoot in relation to Pathology of a Perityphlitis». Since 1895 professor of department of a desmurgy and mekhanurgiya of VMA. On its initiative in academy the Russia's first department, and also clinic of orthopedics (1900), a cut was created he directed until the end of life. Afterwards this clinic was called by his name.

G. I. Turner the first in Russia indicated the need of the state qualified medical and pedagogical assistance to children with diseases of a musculoskeletal system. In created on its initiative in 1931. Leningrad research children's orthopedic in-those (afterwards it is called by his name) complex development of conservative and operational methods of treatment of inborn and acquired diseases and a deforma of tion musculoskeletal and a gsha-rata at children was begun.

G. I. Turner's researches are devoted to problems of malformations of a backbone, an ankylosing spondylarthritis, a snondilez, a tuberculosis of bones and joints, effects of poliomyelitis, urov-sky disease, questions of traumatology, including studying of a role of a nervous system in development of complications at changes. In the 20th he considered an open osteosynthesis ide-

an alny method of treatment of changes, but warned about its possible dangerous complications.

G. I. A tour r was an editor

of 1 prod. BME, the honorary member of a row domestic and foreign surgical about-in and academies. In Leningrad research children's orthopedic in-those of G. I. Turner the grant of his name is founded, and in Leningrad in-those surgical tuberculosis the memorial board is established in his honor.

It is awarded the order the Red Star.

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V. L. Andrianov, I. L. Krupno.