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VYZHNIKYOVICH Vladislav Ivanovich (1865 — 1904) is a domestic microbiologist.

Ended in 1889. Kharkiv veterinary in-t. Since 1895 studied plague in Ying-those experimental medicine in St. Petersburg. Since January, 1902 the manager. Special laboratory Imperial in-that experimental medicine on preparation of protivobubonnochumny drugs in a fort Alexander I near

Kronstadt. V. I. Turchinovich-Vyzhnikevich was the talented organizer of antiplague vaccination, he created in the Tiflissky province the station for a prova d e N and I sh and r about - ky experiments on immunization against plague of cattle, and later directed such laboratory near Chita.

V. I. Turchinovich-Vyzhnikevich died during the experiments on improvement of plague culture. Its researches concerned hl. obr. questions of fight against plague of cattle and a hmetodika of production in mass scale against about the h umn oh syv about r Quality Department and.

Works: Researches of plague of a cattle, Arkh. biol. sciences, t. 6, century 4, page 389, 1898, t. 7, century 4, page 309, 1899 (sovm. with other): About immunization against plague of a cattle in the Transbaikal region for 1889,

1900 and 1901, in the same place, t. 9, century 2,

page 129, 1901.

Bibliography: Alexandrov V. V. Pamyati V. I. Turchinovicha-Vyzhnikevi-cha, Medical conversation, No. 21-22, page 574, 1904; P about t to about in L. A. people of a debt (from history of fight against infectious diseases), page 23, M., 1 954. A. A. Efremenko.