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TUNG PRODUCTION, occupational health. Etc. — the enterprises occupied with processing of fruits of a tung tree. In the Soviet Union the first plantations of a tung tree are divorced in the subtropical regions of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Krasnodar Krai. Fruits of a tung tree consist of a firm cover and the kernel containing up to 70% of tung oil. Varnishes and paints made on tung oil quickly dry, differ in the extraordinary durability, elasticity, water tightness, electric insulation properties and stability against corrosion; they are widely applied in the aviation industry, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering.

The main prof. harm in tung production is dust content of air tung pylyo. Tung dust is fine (particle size to 3 microns), can ignite spontaneously. The greatest dust content arises during the loading and unloading of tungosushilny furnaces, separation of fruits of a tung tree and a number of auxiliary operations. Dust, oil and fruits of a tung tree have toxic properties owing to contents in them toxic agent, the Crimea, according to a number of researchers, the oxyacid with conjugated double bonds is.

Acute poisoning is possible at the use of fruits of a tung tree (crude fruits are more toxic). The first symptoms of poisoning appear in 1 — 1V2 hour and are characterized by nausea, reddening of a mucous membrane of a mouth and lips, burning sensation, colicy pains in a stomach; sometimes there are spasms, a dysphagy, decrease in sight. Paresthesias, a plentiful liquid chair, sometimes with impurity of blood, decrease in reaction of pupils to light appear in hard cases. Treatment symptomatic and disintoxication. The forecast is favorable, on 3 — the 5th day comes recovery.

At hron. poisoning the general weakness, a headache, dizziness, nausea, sometimes vomiting, periodic pristupoobrazny acute abdominal pains, a diarrhea, disturbance of functions serdechno-sosu-disty system, acceleration of ROE, a lymphocytosis are noted. Cases of bronchial pneumonia, the asthmatic phenomena, conjunctivitis, dermatitis are described. At women frustration of a menstrual cycle are possible. Symptomatic treatment. Forecast favorable.

lies to production of grain crops, generally wheat, barley and oats. For

the prof. of poisonings, internal on Measures of prevention, are provided by «Provisional health regulations on the device, the equipment and the maintenance of the tungomasloboyny plants», the main of to-rykh the maximum sealing of the equipment (elevators, separators, drying furnaces, shnekovy conveyors, etc.), the device of rational ventilation are mechanization of supply of raw materials for processing.

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