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TU APSYNSK AYa GROUP of RESORTS — the seaside climatic resorts and resort settlements of Krasnodar Krai of RSFSR located lengthways coast of the Black Sea from group of the resorts of Gelendzhik to Lazarevskoye. Of this year to. vklyucha-

Shepsi Boarding house.

et Tuapse and resort settlements of Dzhubga, Novomikhaylovsky, to Ol-gink, Deep, Nebug, Aga, Ka-dosh, Gizel-Dera, Dederkaya, Shepsi. In the east the area Of this year to. it is limited to the valley of the Shepsi River, in the west of its border there passes through a bay Inal and further between the settlements of Teshebs and Bzhid. Sowing. - vost. border Of this year to. lies across Greater Caucasus Range at distance of 30 km from the sea.


V of 1838 on site of landing of troops of the Russian vessels the Velyaminovsky fort which became in 1896 the city posad of Tuapse, and in 1916 — the city of Tuapse was constructed. In the period of the Great Patriotic War on approaches to Tuapse in September, 1942 in fight for the Caucasus fascist troops were stopped. In 1981 mountains. Tuapse was awarded the order Patriotic war of the 1st degree.

The city of Tuapse (Tuapse in Adygei means «two waters») is located in the valley of two rivers — Tuapse and Paukps, on the bank of a bay of the Black Sea. The gorge of the river of Tuapse goes from the pass on Greater Caucasus Range and comes to an end by the sea with a wide hollow. A northern part of this hollow represents the hilly area, on slopes the cut was stretched the city. Above hills the ridge of the side spurs of Greater Caucasus Range which are coming to an end by the sea with the Kadoshsky cape lasts. From the East and Yu.-V. the hollow is also closed by a mountain range. Tuapse — the green city with a large number of gardens and parks.

Climate Of this year to. generally subtropical, moderately wet, softer, than in the southern part of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Features of climate are caused by proximity of the Black Sea, abundance of subtropical vegetation, an arrangement, the direction and height of the hillsides protecting Of this year to. from strong norths.

All Kurortny district can conditionally be divided into two climatic zones. The feed zone — coastal, limited to hillsides, its climate is close to subtropiche-

Gizel-Dere Boarding house.

sky (see the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus), the second zone is located to the north from coastal, its climate transitional from subtropical to continental. In process of advance to Yu.-V. on the coast spurs of Greater Caucasus Range raise (near Shepsi, e.g., they reach 1800 m above sea-level), action cold considerably weakens having sat down. - vost. winds, the amount of precipitation increases, relative humidity of air increases. The climate of a coastal zone gains lines of humid subtropics here. The winter is rainy, soft, with unstable snow cover (average monthly temperature of February - 4.7e). Summer hot (average monthly temperature of August +23,4 °), solar, number of days without the sun all on average apprx. 55 in a year. The amount of precipitation in a year makes 1200 mm, annual average relative humidity reaches 73%. The season of sea bathings proceeds from May to October. In Of this year to. it is a lot of good beaches with small pebble, in Novomikhaylovskom and Dzhubga beaches small - sand with a flat bottom, convenient for bathing of children.

Major medical factors: the warm seaside climate allowing to carry out almost all the year round all types of a climatotherapy (see), sea bathings (see Thalassotherapy).

In Of this year to. (near settlements of B the kike, Aga, Shepsi, etc.) to a surface brought mineral waters (see) various chemical structure (hloridno-@ 11 d r ok and r it atn it at r iyev ye, chlorine and d-nye the sodium, containing iodine and bromine, with a mineralization from 2.5 g/l to 12,3 g/l). On the basis of these waters the organization of drinking treatment and reception outside balneoprotsedur is possible (see Balneoterapiya).

The warm southern climate, abundance of the sun, the pure air sated with aerosols of sea salts, the mountains covered with the woods, subtropical vegetation create a combination of especially favorable conditions for treatment of a number of diseases.

In Of this year to. there are sanatoria equipped with necessary medical and diagnostic offices, numerous rest houses and boarding houses including for family and parents with children (Gizel-Dera, Shepsi, etc.), and also recreation facilities, pioneer the camp. Many institutions of rest have swimming pools, offices of physical therapy, fotariya, ingalyatoriya, etc. In 46 km to sowing. - zap. from Tuapse on the cape Agriya covered with dense vegetation sanatoria of Agriya and Black Sea Coast for suffering from tuberculosis lungs are located.

Indications to treatment in resorts Of this year to.: functional diseases of a nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia, etc.), diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, and also the pulmonary tuberculosis for the first time revealed (after a course of hospitalization).

Contraindications: for

bolevaniye of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency it is higher than I stage. In more detail contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, t. 29, additional materials.

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V. V. Poltoranov.